Our latest FTC which includes another 10 scenarios, although none as short as in FTC 6. As you can see below, most of them center on late war action on the Western Front :)


- Editor’s Foreword
- 10 scenarios
- Lionel’s interview


ID Name Nations Date
LFT170 The Road to Juniville French - German 1940-06-10
LFT171 Getting your bell rung German - British 1944-06-21
LFT172 Clearing the LZ German - American 1944-09-18
LFT173 A misstep in Lorraine American - German 1944-09-20
LFT174 Green berets German - Free French 1944-11-01
LFT175 Dover bunker German - British 1944-11-02
LFT176 Inter-Allied attack German - British 1944-11-03
LFT177 Bloodier than D-Day German - Free French & British 1944-11-07
LFT178 Niederburg farmhouse German - American 1944-12-18
LFT179 Landstorm over Arnhem British - German 1945-04-14


FT 174 set up

(16.7 ko)

The corrected version of Betes Verts, VASL set up

FTC 7 VASL set ups

(146 ko)

All the FTC 7 scenarios VASL files are here ! Enjoy...


Our apologies... "A Belgian Hero" has been replaced with "Dover Bunker" so don’t be surprised when reading Lionel’s interview included within. This scenario will be published a bit later :)

An errata also for the British set up instructions in this scenario. They should read as follows :

"Setup South/West GG21-GG25-II24-NN24- NN29"

LFT172 : Clearing the LZ Add a US 1/2 turn to scenario length.

LFT174 : Green berets in the VC, add :
- The Britishs earn 1 VP for each Good order squad equivalent (FRD) North of the road 20 Y1 - 20 Y10 at game end.

Add 1 x 236 hs and 2 x ? to German group A