LFT Scenario Packs

As if a magazine is not enough, Le Franc Tireur also produces From the Cellar scenario packs, which usually feature scenarios that did not make it into the Le Franc Tireur (mostly for timing reasons) but that we liked so much that we wanted to publish them, or which contain scenarios related to a specific topic such as the Russian Revolution (FTC4) or SS scenarios (FTC 3).

From the Cellar pack 5

14 scenarios, 2 articles and the corrected version of map LFT II.

From the Cellar pack 4 (out of print)

20 scénarios and a _VERY_ special topic this time :)

Comes with 4 extra pages with severla SSRs and historical notes. All in English of course.

We found out in some obscure location several dozens of countersheets !

Price : 40 euros

From the Cellar pack 6

10 short but really furious scenarios !

From the Cellar pack 7

Our latest FTC which includes another 10 scenarios, although none as short as in FTC 6. As you can see below, most of them center on late war action on the Western Front :)

From the Cellar pack 3 (out of stock / print)

After 3 more movings, a small amount of FTC 3 countersheets have emerged... our kind printer in Phnom Penh has done his best and we have been able to reprint a very small amount of this successfull scenario pack...

Currently looking if we do have some more around....