Hi everybody!

Eventually, the second batch of the long awaited Rat Pocket Charts have been delivered, and we should be able to ship them around June 30th or so. The details are here:


In order to make it clearer, here is an explanation of the differences between the 3 upcoming versions:
- the "normal" version will be like v2+, but thicker of course. 52 pages.
- Then, we have done another version with laminated covers, that is to say, pages 1 & 2 as well as pages 51 & 52.
- And the third version is a version with laminated covers, plus pages 3 to 6, since these include the TH and TK tables.

For those who are experiencing problems while trying to log in and order on our site, just drop me an email at: xavier_vitry (at) yahoo (dot) fr

Email me your order without forgetting to write down your shipping address as well, please. Our apologies for the inconvenience....

Roll low :-)