Hi all,

After nearly 3 years working on the next issue of Le Franc Tireur, it is eventually at the printers and we should receive it in Europe around mid December 2018.

You can check its contents here: LFT 14

Our other products that are still available are FTC 8, our well known Rat Charts RPC v2 +, the Deluxe pack DASL and still a few LFT 13.

Our Artist has resumed drawing maps and his supporters can get them here, for free of course: a small site that is meant to allow players to download some home-made VASL boards.

Since these boards do not match the requirements of the VASL module in terms of graphic design, Manu created the boards for each scenario (from several publishers, as you will see).

Thus, overlays and terrain SSRs are already included (but you can still crop them and/or flip them). The LOS calculation does not work, but as you may see, these boards are quite sexy :)

The crew is currently working on LFT 15 as well as on several other projects, including a couple of historical modules at different stages of development / playtest, some of them being shown in FTC 8: Kohima with HoB, Warsaw and Amiens being the most important thus far.

That’s all for now; roll low!