DtF is a collection of 8 brand new scenaros for ASL designed by the Dutch/Swiss team of Peter Struijf and Chris Mazzei to celebrate 10 years of collaboration.

The common feature is a set of Special Rules which provides a minimum level of Fog of War and variability in the Orders of Battle.

The first orders will ship on October 8th.

This product will be available from us at the end of ASLOK, ie on October 8th, but you can already download all the aids Peter and Chris have prepared in order to play their scenarios :-)

Here are the Special Rules to be used in this pack. All of them tend to increase the Fog of War, while others are a try at correcting some game mechanics that are mainly used for abuse while MMP has chosen not to "rectify" these in RB V2. Here they are:

1. General.
1.1 Vehicles and vehicle crews are treated as SMC for Control purposes.
1.2 A Good Order inherent crew must attempt to repair a malfunctioned MA in every Rally Phase.
1.3 Kindling is NA.
1.4 Rubbled building hexes are still considered building hexes (and part of the original multi-hex building [if applicable]) for Control purposes.

2. Support Weapon and MTR Purchases
Prior to setup, each player may secretly spend Support Weapon Purchase Points (SWPP) on the Support Weapon and MTR Table, adding any purchases to their respective OBs (at-start or reinforcements). The number of available SWPP for each side is given on the scenario card.

When making purchases, the following rules apply:
1. The types of SW/MTR available are given on the scenario card.
2. The maximum number of each SW/MTR type that may be purchases is 3 [EXC: 4 for LMG].
3. The cost for each 75RCL, 37*INF and 81*-82*MTR includes an infantry crew.
4. The cost for each Japanese/PLA (People’s Liberation Army) MMG/HMG/.50Cal HMG is one higher than given in the table and includes a 2-2-8 infantry crew.

3. Setup
The following rules only apply to the side that Sets Up first in a daytime scenario.

3.1 All units may set up Concealed if in Concealment Terrain.
3.2 Any non-Japanese may use HIP for <= one squad-equivalent (and any SMC/SW stacked with it).
3.3 All SMC that set up in Concealment Terrain and stacked with >= one MMC may use HIP.
3.4 Each SW may be kept offboard and the ID of the unit possessing it recorded. Such a SW is placed onboard if fired/Placed/Thrown, dropped, transferred, or its possessing unit is no longer in Good Order, Deploys or leaves its setup-Location.
3.5 At the start of Game Turn 5, all still-hidden Infantry and Guns are placed on board Concealed.


Player Aid DTF 1 3

(921.8 kb)

Player Aid DTF 2 4

(1005 kb)

Player Aid DTF 5 6

(923 kb)

Player Aid DTF 7 8

(1.1 Mb)


The following are the clarifications following queries and suggestions at Oktoberfest:

Death To Fascism Special Rules:

2. Support Weapon and MTR Purchases
Clarification: if the Scenario Card SW definition does NOT include any nationality in italics, use the "common" (ie non-foreign built) SW of that type.

For example, the Rumanian LMGs in DTF-4 Death To Fascism are 2-7 B11 Axis Minors LMG. People’s Liberation Army uses non-"foreign" weapons (to the CPVA).

3 Setup
Clarification: rule 3.3 may have been worded a bit more directly, ie as follows: "All SMC may use HIP if set up in Concealment Terrain and stacked with >= one MMC."

Death To Fascism Scenarios:

DTF-1 Keren Masala
Clarification: The Italian Player may use 8 dummy counters for his on-board setup. The reinforcing Italians do NOT add to this number, as they receive their own Cloaking counters (including possible Dummies).

DTF-4 Death To Fascism
Clarification: The Valentine VIII tanks (Russian Vehicle Note 52.2 found in Hakkaa Paale) are designated as Valentine VIII (b).

The nationality definition (b) was missing from the original Chapter H note 52 and we copied that error.

That was all the rules queries/concerns we could pull from about 40 playings of DTF scenarios at ASLOK.