Hi all,

We have received our copies of ITR 2 and have already started shipping them within Europe, thanks to our friends from BFP.

As good news never come alone, here is a little surprise for our Artist’s supporters: a small site that is meant to allow players to download some home-made VASL boards.

Since these boards do not match the requirements of the VASL module in terms of graphic design, Manu created the boards for each scenario (from several publishers, as you will see).

Thus, overlays and terrain SSRs are already included (but you can still crop them and/or flip them). The LOS calculation does not work, but as you may see, these boards are quite sexy :)

We have also added some of the latest products of our ASL buddy from Lone Canuck Publishing. Hell’s highway has already been shipped and is also available. The OOS products have already been ordered and should be available before Christmas.

One important notice: for European customers, the displayed prices for Lone Canuck Publishing and JagerSoft Games include the shipping costs, for single purchases. For large orders, we will still have to adjust depending on the weight and country but it will be easier for you if you’re living within Europe to know for example that it will cost you exactly 34€ to get "The lost Theater", shipping included.

The crew is currently working on LFT 14 as well as on a few other projects, including a couple of historical modules at different stages of development / playtest, and a special issue of From the Cellar, issue # 8, that will be a mix of our usual FTC and LFT magazines. More on this later.

Kampfgruppe Scherer: the Shield of Cholm has been warmly welcomed by the community and it’s been several months we have already been working on something for its fans: more scenarios to come! Release is expected around late 2017 / mid 2018. Playtesters welcome!

That’s all for now; roll low!