After several years of research and development, here is LFT’s latest magazine, with 23 scenarios and 8 new maps, accompanying a small set of rules for Arid & Desert Terrains, easy to learn and even easier to play. Should start shipping around February 15th, 2023.


 Editor’s Foreword
 Advancing Fire
 30 years of ASL Ring
 10 questions to Steve Swann
 ASL events
 ASL humor "The play fast machine"
 The North African Tirailleurs
 The Tunisian Campaign 1942- 43
 Surrender (A15.5)
 Map concepts
 Left out in the Sun too long
 Chapter AD : Arid Desert Terrain
 The Russian Civil War ASL rules
 Night and Desert rules

88 pages in English.

The Scenarios

All printed full color on matte paper.

ID Name Nations Date
LFT274 Bear Valley Native American / US 9 January 1918
LFT275 Trust Us ! Mongolian / Chinese 18 July 1919
LFT276 Genghis Khan Lives ! Chinese / White Russian 13 February 1921
LFT277 No Post Here ! Japanese - Russian October 1935
LFT278 Toridatsu ! Mongolian / Japanese 12 February 1936
LFT279 The Russians are coming Spanish Nationalist - Spanish Republican 29 October 1936
LFT280 Salvation at the Temple Japanese - Chinese 25 September 1937
LFT281 Pink Hill New Zealand - German 25 May 1941
LFT282 Gardens of Heaven British - Vichy French 14 June 1941 :
LFT283 Road to Merdjayoun British - Vichy French 16 June 1941
LFT284 Vichy Strikes Back British - Vichy French 16 June 1941
LFT285 The Arab Legion British - Vichy French 1 July 1941
LFT286 The Last Fire Mission Russian - German 24 April 1945
LFT287 Operation Scipio British - German 6 April 1943
LFT288 Fondouk Express German - British & US 21 9 April 1943
LFT289 Haka at Takrouna German & Italian - New Zealand 20 April 1943
LFT290 Picking Olives Italian - British 20 April 1943
LFT291 First Skirmish German - US 26 November 1942
LFT292 Engineer Hill US - Japanese 29 May 1943
LFT293 Wild Men from Texas German - American 15 December 1943
LFT325 The Cauquigny Bridgehead American - German 6 June 1944
LFT326 Vitamin B Japanese & Indian - British 14 February 1945

The scenario designers are, in no particular order :

 Philippe Naud
 Alexandre Rousse-Lacordaire
 Laurent Closier
 Lionel Colin
 Steve Swann
 Andrew Hershey
 Torsten Cumberland
 Brian Martuzas
 Vince Lewonski
 Robert Hammond
 Burnie Hegdahl

The maps

8 brand new maps :

The maps needed to play LFT # 15 scenarios are the following : 12, 25, 26, 27, 49 and maps LFT 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.

And for our US followers, here are the Arid terrain rules, US letter size :


(977.5 kio)

(620.1 kio)

(713.6 kio)

(516.6 kio)

(540.3 kio)

(667.5 kio)

(772 kio)

(807 kio)


LFT15 - Errata / Q&A / Clarification (special thanks to Robert Hammond) :

Arid/Desert Terrain rules :
1. Rule AD1.1 AD RULE NOTATION, first sentence - change “AD Terrain is in effect.” to “Arid/Desert rules
are in effect.”
2. Rule AD1.2 CHAPTER F - reword entire rule as follows :
“When AD Terrain rules are in effect, all Chapter B and Chapter F rules are also in effect, except as modified
herein [EXC : Entrenching is as per Chapter F]. If there is a conflict between AD Terrain rules and Chapter B
and/or Chapter F, then AD Terrain rules take precedence.”
3. AD2.11 BOARD LFT3 - Add the following two sentences to the end, “If by SSR ‘La Cañada’ is declared to
be a level 1 hill, the hill Crest Line is determined normally (B10.11). However, currently in VASL, the LOS
rules established will not work if ‘La Cañada’ is declared to be a hill.”
4. Rule AD3.63 OASIS PALM TREES, first sentence - add “Oasis” between “AD” and “Palm”.
About rule AD4.1, the terrain types listed are treated as Woods for Rout determination (A10.51). However, a Trench *is* considered Rally Terrain (A10.61).
5. Rule AD4.4 BUILDINGS, first sentence, fourth line - change “desert colored” to “desert-colored”.

All > signs in the article "Left out in the sun too long" must be read as >=. Sorry about this.

FT274, Bear Valley

1. QUESTION : Does a non-Good Order Yaquis (Native American) qualify for and still receive a -1 Ambush
drm ?
Answer : Yes.
2. QUESTION : Does a Concealed Yaquis (Native American) receive a total of -3 on the Ambush dr (-2
Concealed & -1 Yaquis charactereristic) ?
Answer : Yes.
3. QUESTION : Are the Yaquis (Native Americans) considered Stealthy ?
Answer : No.
4. QUESTION : What happens to a Yaquis (Native Americans) MMC which Battle Hardens ?
Answer : It becomes Fanatic.

FT275, Trust Us

1. SSR 1, first sentence before the exception - reword as follows : “Arid/Desert rules are in effect.”

FT276, "Genghis Khan Lives !"

1. SSR 1, first sentence before the exception - reword as follows : “Arid/Desert rules are in effect.”
2. The " Ude Artillery Screen " group has 4 crews and the " Ude Garrison " group has 2 crews.

FT278, "Toridasu" !

1. SSR 1, last sentence - delete.

FT280, Salvation at the Temple

1. SSR 1, third sentence - reword what is inside the parentheses as follows : “Building overlay X27 has the
following characteristics : The Base Level of the overlay is level 2 and this includes the extensions of the overlay
into the adjoining hexes ; the building is a Factory (B23.74).”

FT281, Pink Hill

1. SSR 2 - delete the first and third sentences.
2. SSR 2, in the exception - delete “Orchards,”.

FT282, Gardens of Heaven

1. Clarification : Overlay RttR E is from “Rivers to the Reich”.

FT284, Vichy Strikes Back

1. QUESTION : In the British Balance, they receive a 6 A-P minefield. Does this Fortification set up using HIP ?
Answer : Yes.

FT285, The Arab Legion

1. SSR 2, first sentence - delete the exception.
2. SSR 2, second sentence - delete.
3. SSR 3, second sentence - add to the end the following : “the AAMG”.

FT287, Operation Scipio

1. QUESTION : What happens on British Turn 4 if there is a German unit **# 3** hexes from every
Concealment Terrain hex on board LFT8 ?
Answer : The British reinforcement 7-0 leader and Phone must either : a) be placed Concealed $ 4 hexes away
from any German unit in non-Concealment Terrain or ; b) wait until Game Turn 5 but must be placed either
using HIP in Concealment Terrain $ 4 hexes from all German units or, if unable to be placed in Concealment
Terrain, must be placed Concealed $ 4 hexes away from any German unit. If unable to be so placed, the 7-0
leader and Phone are eliminated.

FT288, Fondouk Express

1. Clarification : In SSR 1, second sentence, in the exception - change “dirty” to “dirt”.

FT290, "Picking Olives"

1. In the New Zealander OoB, delete the 7-0 and Radio.

FT292, Engineer Hill

1. SSR 2, first through third sentences - reword as follows : “Arid/Desert terrain is in effect as follows : Grain
(AD3.161) is in effect ; all woods/brush hexes are scrub (AD4.3) but the scrub conforms to the woods/brush
outline ; roads exist.”.

FT293, Wild Men from Texas

1. In the Historical Perspective, last sentence - delete the two words “of the”.
2. SSR 2 - reword as follows : “All buildings on board LFT7 are stone rubble ; moreover, this rubble is treated as
Rout, Rally, and Ambush Terrain. All Orchards are Cactus Patch hexes (B14.7). Hammada hexes are Arid
Debris (AD3.4).”

FT326, Vitamin B

1. SSR 1 - Add the following sentence to the end : “All desert-colored hexes on board LFT10 are Soft Sand
2. QUESTION : What is the MF/MP cost to enter woods, brush, or crags in Soft Sand ?
Answer : The MF/MP cost is as per Chapter B in a Temperate hex [EXC : Bypass of woods is treated as if Soft