Who are we ?

The mag owes its name thanks to Laurent Closier, who after spending several years alone editing the zine, had to give it up and abandon the publication as it was. After returning from two years in Tahiti, Xavier had plenty of ASL related material and was willing to do something for the hobby, just like the former Tactiques had already done in the past. Rather than start with something completely new, Laurent kindly offered his magazine name, Le Franc Tireur, which means in French the sharp shooter, but also a guy who lives and acts on his own, no matter what the rest of world might do or think. This was something that fit with our idea.... And thus we published our first LFT, issue # 5, since Laurent had stopped with issue # 4.

Today, the crew is much bigger than it was before... Here we are, in alphabetical order:

Emmanuel Batisse (the artist, who can remove a Panther from your OB in order to check LOS and forget to put it back. Honestly. He can also leave your house without his shoes.)
Ramiro Bujeiro (cover art and historical illustrations)
Lionel Colin (designer, playtester, and during X's deployment overseas, THE man behind nearly every LFT shipment. Drinks beer, coffee, beer and also some beers when no beer is available {(is this possible?)} )
Jean Devaux (while alive, and along with X, participated in everything. RIP Jean!)
Benj (web technician)
Laurent Forest (technical articles)
Andrew Hershey (HASL design, geo-scenario design and development, proofer)
Philippe Naud (historical articles and proofer. And as a French historian, owns the truth...)
Jeep (scenarios and proofer, translations, eater of watermelons)
Alexandre Rousse-Lacordaire (still don't know what he's actually doing with us by the way...Oh yes.... Inspired X to write his article ``Play Fast''...)
Xav 658 (nothing, just relaxes and plays ASL between overseas deployments to exotic tropical islands...Hey, he's the boss, right?)

Part Timers

Frédéric Rocheteau (drinks a lot of beers, some whiskey and eats peanuts)
Steve Swann (if you don’t know him, what the heck are you doing here ? Just leave and don’t pretend you’re interested in ASL !)