Le Franc Tireur Magazine

Le Franc Tireur is our "homebrew" ASL magazine. With roughly one release per year stuffed with scenarios and articles, LFT aims at producing the best third party ASL magazine that we can, with professional color printing and layout.

Every issue covers a specific theme with articles and scenarios related. While being produced by French ASL enthusiasts, Le Franc Tireur is about 100% in English.

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LFT Deluxe pack

DASL was dead... thanks to Steve Swann, Dave Ramsey and some other great guys, LFT is proud to bring you this Deluxe pack with new boards and scenarios.

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LFT Historical modules

Le Franc Tireur historical studies contain scenarios, maps, countersheets and historical rules ... as every ASLer can expect!

We released our second module in July 2011, and are already working on some other topics with hopes of releasing one module every 2 or 3 years.

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LFT Scenario Packs

As if a magazine is not enough, Le Franc Tireur also produces From the Cellar scenario packs, which usually feature scenarios that did not make it into the Le Franc Tireur (mostly for timing reasons) but that we liked so much that we wanted to publish them, or which contain scenarios related to a specific topic such as the Russian Revolution (FTC4) or SS scenarios (FTC 3).

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Bounding Fire products

Some Bounding Fire products are now available for European customers from Le Franc-Tireur.

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Break Contact

A newsletter from our ASL friends of Australia, kindly offered to the ASL community by Murray McCloskey. Thanks Murray for allowing LFT to host your publication :-)

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Death To Fascism

The long awaited second pack from Peter and Chris is eventually here!

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Hazardous Movement

In 2020, Chuck Hammond and Chad Cummins, two lifelong friends and seasoned grognards with more than 60 years of combined experience in ASL, set out to create a product of exceptional quality. The scenarios, they agreed, would have to be highly enjoyable, reasonably balanced, thoroughly playtested and meticulously proofread in order to minimize / eliminate any errata. Just as importantly, every scenario would have to demonstrate high replay value. The result of more than a year of their hard labor is Hazmo’s first scenario pack: "A World at War". Rest assured there will be more projects to follow!

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Heat of Battle products

Some Heat of Battle products are now available for European customers from Le Franc-Tireur. Available products and pricing are listed here on the site of Heat of Battle.

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LFT Rat Pocket Charts v3

The latest version of the Rat Pocket Charts, with 52 pages and more, more tables and charts than ever. Laminated cover.

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After several years we have found back some old Tactiques magazines, still as good as always, and with plenty of scenarios.

A couple of them are definitely out of print, but well, these gems are still available until they are sold out.

Please be aware that all the Tactiques magazines are in French, but the scenarios can be found in English in Internet (VFTT, former Coastal Fortress site, and so on), though I have heard that the translations were quite poor.

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Ventunuovo games (non ASL)

This is a non ASL module, but fun to play and with a very sexy material!

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