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Eventually, the second batch of the long awaited Rat Pocket Charts have been delivered, and we should be able to ship them around June 30th or so. The details are here:


In order to make it clearer, here is an explanation of the differences between the 3 upcoming versions:
- the "normal" version will be like v2+, but thicker of course. 52 pages.
- Then, we have done another version with laminated covers, that is to say, pages 1 & 2 as well as pages 51 & 52.
- And the third version is a version with laminated covers, plus pages 3 to 6, since these include the TH and TK tables.

For those who are experiencing problems while trying to log in and order on our site, just drop me an email at: xavier_vitry (at) yahoo (dot) fr

Email me your order without forgetting to write down your shipping address as well, please. Our apologies for the inconvenience....

Roll low :-)

News: LFT schedule

Too busy at the moment to properly update this section.... but we will do this around Christmas :-)

Latest issue: Le Franc Tireur 14 (Out of stock)

This issue focuses on the Italians, from the invasion of France to the Greek mountains, from Eritrea to Abyssinia or Somalia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, but also Sicily and even China. Also included, two countersheets and 32 scenarios, thus a thicker issue than our regular LFT mag with, this time, 104 pages.