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"From the Cellar" # 12 is still available, as well as "From the Cellar" # 11 and "From the Cellar" # 10, which will bring you to the sands of Tarawa and the Snow of Korea.

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Roll low :-)

News: European ASL Tournament

The Italian Wargame Federation organizes a wargaming event which includes the ASL European tournament on June 9-10-11th 2023. We advise you to attend this event if you can !

Latest issue: Le Franc Tireur 15

After several years of research and development, here is LFT’s latest magazine, with 23 scenarios and 8 new maps, accompanying a small set of rules for Arid & Desert Terrains, easy to learn and even easier to play. Should start shipping around February 15th, 2023.