This issue focuses on the Crimean campaign, from the German invasion to the Russian counteroffensive of 1944. Also included, a Berlin Red Vengeance strategy guide, as well as 17 scenarios and an overlay, thus a thicker issue than our regular 80 pages LFT mag.


 Editor’s Foreword
 ASL Quiz
 ASL last events
 10 questions to… Tim Hundsdorfer
 Vanatorii de Munte (the Romanian mountain troops in WWII)
 The Crimean Campaign
 The Red Army retakes the Crimea
 BRV Strategy guide
 Sweat saves blood : the ETO fortifications
 The Catanzaro balance system
 Broken Bamboo AAR

100 pages - 99% is in English, only one ad in French… although you might also find some Tagalog, Illongo, Khmer and some other rare languages :-)

Price : 37 €


LFT 13 includes seventeen brand new scenarios :

ID Name Nations Date
LFT180 First Soviet Lost Red Chinese – GMD Chinese 1929-01-14
LFT181 The Bet Norwegian - German 1940-04-13
LFT182 Rolling Thunder Russian - German 1941-10-05
LFT183 Partisan Stronghold Partisan - Romanian 1941-12-04
LFT184 Chapel Hill German / Romanian - Russian 1941-12-23
LFT185 StuG of War Russian - German 1942-01-15
LFT186 Trappenjagd Russian -German 1942-05-09
LFT187 Trappenjagd : the End Russian -German 1942-05-13
LFT188 NKVD Nut Russian - German 1942-06-05
LFT189 Severnaya Serenade Russian - German 1942-06-29
LFT190 The Land of Fire Russian – German 1943-12-05
LFT191 Romania Victor Russian – Romanian 1943-12-06
LFT192 An Improvised Crossing German - Russian 1944-03-22
LFT193 En Force ! Russian – Romanian 1944-04-12
LFT194 Forgotten Soldiers Russian – Romanian 1944-04-15
LFT195 Repair Shop at Dangeul Castel German - American 1944-08-10
LFT196 Spittelmarkt German – Russian 1945-04-28


LFT 13 VASL set ups

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All the LFT 13 scenarios set ups are here. Enjoy !

Overlay (plowed)

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Here is the Plowed version of our LFT 13 overlay.

Overlay (winter)

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...and here its winter version.


FT 195 "Repair shop at Dangeul castle"

The North is not to the top of the sheet, but to its left, i.e. the US enter the board from the wide edge of board X.