Well..... 7 new boards, 12 scenarios and depending on its success, maybe some more Deluxe in the future :)

Some counters as seend on scenario sheets


 12 scenarios in color
 7 brand new DASL maps

Some supermen in action on BIG DASL Hexes :)

Please note that no counters are included in this pack. Counters shown in this page are just a sample of our new artwork as seen on the scenario sheets, for the pleasure of the eye. :-)


The Deluxe Pack #1 contains 12 scenarios, with only one needing a map not contained in the pack. Everything else is self contained regarding maps !

ID Name Turns Date Map
FT 197 Spoiled Afternoon 4,5 Poland, 1939-09-08 d3, d5
FT 198 Full of Fire 4,5 France, 1944-06-06 d1, d4
FT 199 Playing Uno 5,5 Burma, 1943-04-28 d2, d6
FT 200 Coconut K 5,5 Saipan, 1944-07-06 d2, d6
FT 201 Communications breakdown 6 Burma, 1945-03-01 d3, d4, d6
FT 202 Burma Bandits 6 Burma, 1945-05 d1, d2, d5, d7
FT 203 Hara Kiri gulch 6 Saipan, 1944-07-06 d2, d4, d6
FT 204 Fear Naught 7 France, 1940-05-23 d5, e
FT 205 Scraggy 5 India, 1944-04-20 d2, d6, d7
FT 206 FDL Chaung 6 Burma, 1943-03-18 d3
FT 207 The Last Pillbox 5,5 Marshalls, 194-02-02 d3, d4, d5
FT 208 To Have and to Hold 7 USSR, 1942-02-24 d1, d5


Bad guys against bad guys ;)

Seven maps are included, featuring new artwork with a somewhat 3D look-and-feel yet still very functional.

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VASL deluxe maps

(1.5 Mio)

VASLized maps d1 to d7


Apologies, there is an error with the OOB for FT 202. There should have been 6, not 3, Japanese 3-3-6 squads.

In FT 203 (Hara Kiri Gulch), setup instructions for the US should read "set up on board (d6) on or west of hexrow C and/or on board (d2) on or west of hexrow M"

In FT 204 (Fear Naught), the factors of the A13 MkII are wrong. The A13 MkII should have red 16 MP and armor factors of 3/2.