We have 10 scenarios designed by 8 different players for the pack this time. Many of the designers are making their first attempt at scenario design

MM42 I Want To Be A Millionaire Summa-Lahde, Finland, 12 February, 1940. Russian attack on the Mannerheim Line.
MM43 Meuse – French Counter Attack Near Connage, France, 14 May 1940. French armored counterattack against a German defensive position.
MM44 Cassel Defense Cassel, France, 27 May 1940. The British attempt to keep the Germans out of Dunkirk and give the BEF time to evacuate.
MM45 Platamon Castle Near Larissa, Greece, 15 April, 1941. The New Zealanders try to repulse a German attack on their position in a ruined castle.
MM46 Take That Hill Rethymnon, Crete, 20 May 1941. Germans and Australians battle for Hill A overlooking Retimo airfield on Crete.
MM47 The Brickworks Stalingrad, Russia, 16 October 1942. Brutal fighting over the Brick Factory in Stalingrad.
MM48 Porytowe Hill Solska Forest, Poland, 14 June 1944. Germans attempt to crush the Partisans in the Solska Forest during Operation Sturmwind.
MM49 The Other Side Of The Tracks Lemberg, France, 9 December 1944. U.S. forces attempt to capture a key railroad trestle.
MM50 The Wrong Choice Hardigny, Belgium, 19 December 1944. U.S forces attempt to make it back to Bastonge in the early days of the Battle of the Bulge.
MM51 Firefight On Weinbourg Ridge Near Kohlhuette, France, 3 January 1945. German forces attack a U.S. blocking position in a nighttime attack during Operation Nordwind.