“The Green Hell of Inor” is LFT’s attempt at bringing 2 weeks of epic fighting that took place in the Ardennes Forest during the very first days of Fall Gelb, the invasion of France.


Designed by Lionel Colin and Xavier Vitry, with the help of scholars in the field of French and German military history, and the international team that is Le Franc Tireur, “The Green Hell of Inor” contains everything you need to play [EXC : the metric half-ton of ASL material that you always need] including two counter sheets with French Foreign Legion, Colonial infantry, early war German machine guns and several other new counters.

Also included are a historical map, a rules booklet (supplemented with an historical booklet with images of the town “Then & Now”, enhanced with a battlefield tour and several other articles about the battle of Inor and the 1940 French Campaign) and 16 historical scenarios.

The map !

In addition, three CGs are offered, with several new and easy to understand rules that will allow the players to place interdictory fire with their artillery, or use counter battery fire against enemy guns !

The troops

This module provides counters to represent various troops that are not depicted in the core modules.

As the French, you will get (all of them with specific counters) :

  • Senegalese Tirailleurs
  • Algerian Tirailleurs
  • Colonial troops
  • Corps-Francs units
  • Foreign Legion (including sappers !)
  • Full-color AFV that fought this battle (with camouflage pattern)
  • Leaders never seen before (and probably, thereafter !)

The German uses regular MMP counters, but we have provided early-war MG. You will want to read one of the 32 designer’s notes to get the explanation.

The Campaign Games

Three Campaign Games are provided :

  • CG I- The Pride of the Foreign Legion (introductory CG, 3 CG dates).
  • CG II - Sauerei Wald (5 CG dates)
  • CG III - Flanking the Maginot Line (8 CG dates, the whole campaign that uses the whole map).


This module is composed of 16 scenarios, most taking place on the HASL map.

Five of the scenarios require geomorphic maps (1a, 11a, 39, 58, 66, 70, 72, 81 and x).

ID Name Attacker Date
FT INOR1 Deep Into the French Front German 17th May 1940
FT INOR2 Villy Muss Fallen ! East German 15th May 1940
FT INOR3 Roucaud’s Blow French 15th May 1940
FT INOR4 Wooden Hell German 16th May 1940
FT INOR5 Bois de la Hache French 16th May 1940
FT INOR6 First Counterattack French 16th May 1940
FT INOR7 Sauerei Wald German 17th May 1940
FT INOR8 Hill 311 French 18th May 1940
FT INOR9 Night Terror French 15th May 1940
FT INOR10 Villy Muss Fallen ! West German 15th May 1940
FT INOR11 Woods Ashes French 19th May 1940
FT INOR12 Reaction French 19th May 1940
FT INOR13 Night Patrol German 19th May 1940
FT INOR14 Cendriere’s Farm German 23th May 1940
FT INOR15 « À moi la légion ! » French 27th May 1940
FT INOR16 Not Men but Demons German 27th May 1940

See the "Documents" section for VASL setup of all 16 scenarios.


Inor Roster_US

(144 ko)

For our overseas friends, so that you can print and xerox (if needed) the CG roster sheet. Thanks to Roland Hill for the suggestion :-)

Inor scenarios set up files

(691.7 ko)

In this zipped file you will find all the VASL files for the 16 "Inor" scenarios.

VASL support for Inor - v0.5

(21.6 Mo)

This archive contains both the board itself and the VASL extension with counters.


  • FT INOR 1 : On Turn track 4, ignore the German Cross. All the Germans enter on Turn 1.
  • FT INOR 2 & 10 : Ignore SSR 3.

We are aware that some counter sheets have been poorly cut. If you receive such a counter sheet please contact us ; LFT will endeavor to get you a replacement sheet as soon as possible.
In addition, LFT is making the printer aware of this issue and steps are being put in place to prevent this from happening in future. Thus, and if you can, please provide a photo of the miss-cut sheet.

Groupes Francs : In the rules it says : 458 unit (Elite, broken moral 7). It should read broken morale 8, as displayed on the counters. Same for the 248 : use the printed value of their broken side.

The Algerians : according to the rules, they are "assumed to have a broken side moral one higher than printed". This sentence should be removed, as their correct broken value is 8, as displayed on the counters.