This issue focuses on Division Azul, a division of Spanish volunteers which fought on the eastern front. As usual 10 scenarios printed on hard paper and featuring actions of Division Azul are included.


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 The Battle of Krasny Bor
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 Human Waves
 One Spanish Hero ; an epic ASL account
 Gates of the Reich : a small ASL CG
 Going Full : from ASLSK to ASL

80 pages - 99% is in English :-)


Spanish Azul counters for VASL !

(3.4 KiB)

Just unzip the content of this archive into your extension folder and enjoy it. Courtesy of Dan Monette, thanks a lot, this is much appreciated! Note that a fairly recent (as of 2022) version of VASL needs to be installed (


FT 80 "One Spanish Hero"
SSR 6 clarification; if more than 1 MMC have to pass a MC, make a Random Selection. If same drs are rolled, only 1 MMC (Spanish player choice) becomes Berserk.

FT 81 "Dubrovka"
SSR2: "Place Overlays Wd5 in 48L2-M2 and Wd4 in 48G6-G7".

FT 83 "Go on to Kolpino"
Board configuration picture is ok, the text below is wrong and should read "Only hexrows A-P are playable on both boards"

FT 88 "DER Untergang"
VC: add "at game end"

FT153 "Nailed To The Ground"
Add LFT SSR for the Blue Division units: Spanish units have a -2 drm on the Leader Creation Table and a -1 DRM on the Heat of Battle Table.

Aachen campaign
Here are some questions which arose after the release of our latest issue about the Aachen LFT # 10 Campaign Game:

1 - In the text it says that the Americans have 175 CPP throughout the campaign but if you total up the columns of the chart you get 170 CPP.

The correct total is 175 CPP, and these 5 extra CPP have to be added to scenario 4 American CPP total (from 50 to 55).

2 - If the US buys the HW section and trades the 3 x 60mm mtrs for the radio, the Americans forfeit the half squads in the HW section.

3 - The American player may roll on the gyrostabilizer chart to see if purchased American AFV’s (those that are gyro capable) come with a gyrostabilizer. Roll individually for each AFV.

4 - The C2 US reinforcement groups (Medium Tanks) shows a maximum of "2" for one of the scenarios, but a maximum for the campaign as "1". The maximum for the Campaign should read "2".

PF : A precision brought by Chris Brackney, aka VolgaG68 who wisely asked about PF and ATMM avaiblity for Spaniards. Here is the answer:

 not available in 1943 (by the time the Division was retired and sent back to Spain).
 Available in 1944 and 1945 as if Germans (whether Whermacht or Spanish SS units).

ATMM: inherent in Spanish Squad/HS from June 44+.

Thank you to our readers for those questions, and sorry for the inconvenience they might have brought to your games.