6 overlays and a few counters... among the articles, we offer a Series Replay, several pages about Close Combat and we renew with the former "Headaches corner" from the magazine Tactiques. You ll aslo find the Borodino 41 Campaign Game (5 linked scenarios), among which MMP has published 4 scenarios in the Journal 7.


All the scenarios are in English, the magazine is in French language


FT 28 - First Annoyance

  • In SSR1, add "and overlay FT-Sh2 in S5-T4".

FT 32 - Lenin’s sons

  • Map: instead of only hexrows D-U are playable, read hexrows D-Z
  • Add a LMG and DC to the German OB. After adjustment, they should have 2 LMG & 2 DC.

In the second LFT 7 edition, these erratas are already corrected.

FT 34 - Borodino Train Station

  • Le nord est mal orienté; en fait, par rapport à la carte le Nord est en bas.