This issue focuses on the fight for France in 1940. As usual 10 scenarios printed on hard paper and featuring actions with French units are included. Moreover, this issue includes a seashore map (SK style)


- Editor’s foreword
- LFT #10 results
- Last products
- 10 questions to... Christian KOPPMEYER
- Tournaments
- Brigade Légère Mécanique
- The French-Italian war in the Alps
- Stonne 1940 / 2007
- Franco-German infantry tactics
- Solitaire ASL Campaign Game
- Gun Duel
- France 1940: instructions for use
- Platoon movement
- Play Fast!
- France’s Behemoth
- Bibliography

80 pages - 99% is in English :-)

Price: 33 €


LFT 11 includes ten new scenarios:

ID Name Place Date
LFT89 Too little, my friend... Marloie, Belgium May 11th 1940
LFT90 Sans esprit de recul La Horgne, France May 15th 1940
LFT91 Ne pas subir Rethel sur l’Aisne, France May 19th 1940
LFT92 No fortress is impregnable Fortress of Boulogne, France May 25th 1940
LFT93 Counterattack at Watten Watten, France May 26th 1940
LFT94 Here stands the Legion Marchélepot, France June 5th 1940
LFT95 Raining bullets Ailette canal, Pont St Mard, France June 5th 1940
LFT96 Rassenkampf Lentilly, France June 20th 1940
LFT97 Rout on the Riviera Cap-Martin Strongpoint, France June 23rd 1940
LFT98 And then they landed Dong Tac, Southwest of Do Son, Indochina 26th September


LFT1 VASL board

(43.6 kb)


LFT 1 Map precision:

In order to avoid the map to be damaged during transport, we printed it with about 5 extra milimiters on several edges so that everyone should cut this extra paper in order to have a regular sized mapboard.

Scenario FT 90:

The blank counter in the French OB should be filled with a French HMG (6-12). i.e, the French has two HMG in his OB.