Operation Chariot – the StNazaire Raid is our go at putting this famous action into ASL. Designed by Andrew Hershey and friends, brought to you by the drunkards who already commit le Franc Tireur once a year (well... more or less!).

St Nazaire contains everything you need to play, except the half-ton of ASL material that you always need :

 one countersheet
 one historical map
 a rules booklet
 various play aids
 15 scenarios

Through 8 scenarios, this pack depicts on a historical map of the St Nazaire harbor the Commando Raid of 1942. Rules cover searchlights, extra powerful DC charges as well as complete rules for Motor Gun Boats (MGB).

Also included are 7 scenarios that allow you to use these MGB rules on various theatres of operations (including the shores of Finland, Yugoslavia and the Pacific Ocean), opening a whole world of new ASL gaming opportunities.

Here you can find a small presentation, in two parts:

part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b6hCUJ9G2E

part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt2FnQ5SMfM

And here is an interesting link about the Royal Marines action at Saint-Nazaire:




Operation Chariot maps (North & South)

(6.1 MiB)

StN countersheet back

(264.7 KiB)

StN countersheet front

(383.3 KiB)

StN module for VASL

(206.9 KiB)

StN VASL map

(895.5 KiB)



 StN2: In the last line, change “(A12.13)†unto “(A21.13)†.

 StN8.1: add to end of the rule: “A K/# result from a Placed DC (or the Campbeltown’s DC) will damage the Caisson. 8VP are awarded for each damaged Caisson (see also StN27.31). A damaged Caisson can only be destroyed by a KIA result.†Chart StN 27.2 shows the correct Damage value for a Caisson.

 StN20: Add to the end of the ninth line: “which can be placed in any hex of that Vessels Groupâ€

 StN23.1:In the last line, add “remaining†between “DP†and “may†.

 StN24 & HSR2: Delete “(and target’s hexes)†.

 StN25.33. Add “and +2 if StN25.21 applies†after “status countersâ€

 StN26.5: Delete first use of next in line 1. Add to the end, “The Campbeltown becomes scuttled if she sinks after ramming the Caisson.â€

 StN26.6 Add “beginning†between "friendly Prep Fire Phase" and "in the turn" (i.e., should read: ". . . friendly Prep Fire Phase beginning in the turn after after the Campbeltown’s scuttling DR . . .")

 M3.1 The reference to "Naval-Crews" in M3.1 is erroneous and these words should be deleted.

 M3.21, in the second sentence, delete “by a non-Japanese squad†and delete the third sentence.

 M4: At the end of the second sentence, add: “[EXC: E1.52 is NA, see M11.5]†.

 M4.12: At the end of the second sentence, add: “; moreover, this one hexspine change may only be conducted when the MGB spends MP to enter a hex†. The counter art picture and the counters refer to rule “M4.03†which is incorrect. The referenced rule should be “M4.12†.

 M4.13: Should read Reverse Motion not Reverse Movement., the counter should read M4.13

 M4.16: At the end, delete: “(E1.91)†.

 M4.3: At the end of the third sentence, add: “and is considered a motorized vehicle for Starshell Initial Use (E1.91)†.

 M5.3 should be changed to read "If the Crew of a MGB Abandons their MGB..."

 M5.4: line 13 delete “A†replace with “Eachâ€

 M7.5: in the first sentence, add “and only†between “gets†and “when†. Delete the second sentence.

 M15.32: In the fourth line, delete: “card†.

Chapter H

 Allied/Axis Minors #1: The AAMGs are scrournged as LMGs. The counter is correct.

 British #14. The Twin Vickers .50cals cannot be scrounged.

 German #1: What is the Normal Range for the 7FP AAMG?. A: 8.

 Italian #2: What is the Normal Range for the 6FP AAMG? A: 8.

 Japanese #1: Is the Normal Range for the 8FP bMA/aMA 14 hexes (same as for Japanese #2 8FP aMA)? A: Yes and Yes.

 Russian #4: The graphic does not match the text—the text says the aMA is not supposed to be able to fire through the VCA, but the graphic shows it as not firing through the RVCA. A: The aqua colored graphic arc should look like the purple graphic but reversed (flipped over end).

 US #2: The intro text says "This version was armed with two 18" torpedo tubes . . ." but the MA description says "The MA is four torpedoes as signified by ’MA: TPx4’", and the counter also shows TPx4. The text and counter should refer to only TPx 2.

Player’s aides & Charts/Tables

 StN19.2 StN Gun/Searchlight Defense Table: FF43 and FF44 should read FF45 and FF46 respectively.

 On HMS Campbellton player’s Aid #1, there should be only one CS number and that number is 8. Thanks to Rob MacDonald for pointing it out :)


Q: What level are the Le Pointeau and Searchlight on?

A: Level 0

Q: Does an StN DC attack any unit present in the target loaction as

A: Yes