First issue printed with some pages in full colour and which topic is Yugoslavia, from 1941 to 1945.


60% of its content is written in English, as well as all of the scenarios


Due to the problems during FT9 development, I had been compelled to do the lay out and several other things with no tools for that, and apologize for these bad printings.

Here are the first errata, hoping that there won’t be anymore. Some scenario cards are not readable, so here is the necessary information to play this couple of scenarios giving problems. Once again, we apologize and promise you that next time we will stop using the glossy paper…

FT 60

Remove a 227 in the Croatian OB and add 2 x LMG to the Partisan OB (i.e. the Croatian has 2 Crews and the Partisan 4 x LMG). Thanks to Matt Cicero for this one & some others below!).

FT 61

Add a 228 in the Cossack OB (so that they have 2 x 228 Crews).

  • SSR 4:
    SSR 4 : All 5-4-8 / 2-3-8 are Cossacks. They have an underlined Morale [A 19.132 is NA] and are treated as Russians for Heat of Battle/Leader creation/deployment only. They do not possess Infantry Smoke Grenades nor Panzerfausts and use German MGs with no penalty. To form a multilocation firegroup with Cossack units and non Cossack units, a Leader must be present in each location of this FG.

FT 63

  • Partisan OB: Partisan OB: Rearguard Elements of the 7th Proletarian Division [ELR : 5] set up on / East of hexrow F {SAN: 4}
  • German OB: 7th SS Gebirgs Div. Prinz Eugen, II/1 8th Kompanie [ELR: 5] enter on / after turn 1 by the West Edge. {SAN: 2}

FT 66

  • German OB: Marine Troops of the Solta Garrison [ELR: 3 - See also SSR 4] set up anywhere on board 46. {SAN: 3}
  • Allied OB: Unit B 2671st Special Reconnaissance Battalion [ELR: 3] set up on board 18 on / South of hexrow 7. {SAN: 2}

FT 67

In Axis OB, replace "see SSR 2 and SSR 3" with "see SSR 2 and SSR 4".

In Partisan OB partisan, replace "see SSR 4 and SSR 5" with "see SSR 3 and SSR 4"

Thanks to "Doctor No" :-)