« gliders were having to land in the streets under heavy fire »

This is the sentence that led Andy to Cholm and after several years of research and development, the LFT crew is happy to present our next historical module. For more information and / or feedback on this unique module, you may want to check this thread on Gamesquads Forum : http://forums.gamesquad.com/showthr... or yet this blog, much more detailed and complete :http://flashofsteel.com/index.php/2011/12/19/countermix/#more-3574

A small teaser on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j20C1dtJkuQ


 Rules booklet
 Historical background booklet
 15 scenarios
 2 campaign games
 1 x A4 overlay
 3 x A4 players aid sheets
 2 x A5 small player aid sheets
 2 x A1 maps «Winter look»
 2 x A1 maps «Summer look»
 One countersheet with 130 x 1/2" counters and 88 x 5/8" counters.


«Kampfgruppe Scherer: the Shield of Cholm» includes fifteen brand new scenarios.

ID Name Turns Date Map
KGS 1 Slayed 6.5 01-18-1942 winter
KGS 2 Their Fate Sealed? 13 01-23-1942 winter
KGS 3 Reclamation 7.5 01-27-1942 winter
KGS 4 From Matilda with Love 7 02-14-1942 winter
KGS 5 Red Army Day 7 02-23-1942 winter
KGS 6 Biecker´s Bastion 4.5 03-10-1942 winter
KGS 7 Contested Canisters 6 03-11-1942 winter
KGS 8 The Battle in the Tunnel and Organ Gully 5 03-25-1942 winter
KGS 9 Lost in a day 7.5 04-10-1942 summer
KGS 10 Red Ruin Roulette 5 05-01-1942 summer
KGS 11 Knock! Knock! 5 05-01-1942 summer
KGS 12 May Day / East side 8 05-01-1942 summer
KGS 13 May Day / West side 7 05-01-1942 summer
KGS 14 Regained in a Day 9 05-01-1942 summer
KGS 15 Fighting Over the Dead 6 06-08/09-1942 summer

Campaign Games

Two campaign games are also included in «Kampfgruppe Scherer: the Shield of Cholm».

ID Name Turns Date Map
KGS CG 1 Red Army Day 4 days 02-23-1942 winter
KGS CG 2 Five days in May 5 days 05-01-1942 summer


Kampfgruppe Scherer comes with two maps, a winter map depicting the first months of the siege and a summer map with much destruction on the city. No need to put dozens of debris counters on the map...

Final version. The small error prompt about the Ju-52 has been fixed.
Simply remove the zip extension and rename it with mdx.
Thanks to Txema (and Pete, aka "General Mayhem") :)

Two views of the same area, near the airstrip.

Shipping info

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(252.9 KiB)

Final and updated MDX file (with aerial flags). Thanks to Txema (and Pete, aka "General Mayhem"). Simply rename the zip extension with MDX.

Player aid (low res) for playing KGS CG

(1.7 MiB)

All is in the title. Thanks to Laurent for his help, and to GS listers. We are working on some more KGS stuff but we still need time... :-)

VASL KGS charts & player aid

(433.3 KiB)

As written in the title, you will be able to use them with VASL for quick reference. Thank you very much to our friend and French aficionado Julien Denis for his help!

VASL Summer map for KGS

(1.8 MiB)

Rename the file to bdkholmS and copy it to your board VASL directory.

VASL Winter map for KGS

(2.4 MiB)

Rename the file to bdkholmW and copy it to your board VASL directory.


(2.4 MiB)

Rename the file to bdkholmWO and copy it to your board VASL directory.



 KGS CG21.1 This rule, which is found below KGS CG22, belongs above the latter rule reference.

 KGS.24. The reference should be to II57/JJ57 not CC43-44.

 Fair-Weather roads would be Q45-Q58, HH56 - LL58, T12 and all of its branches up to Q7, T8, S9, U10; AA3-Z0, HH3-HH0, QQ5-TT3.

 Also, some of those road hexes have both fair-weather and normal road depictions ex: AA3, HH3. These are Fair-Weather Roads.

 KGS4.51. Clarification: any prisoners of Russian units which rout off map share the fate of their guards.

 KGS4.82. In the second EX, delete the reference to Block 36, replace with Block 39.

Counters: None at this time

Maps/Overlay: None at this time

Player Aides:

 The blow up of the GPU on the back of KGS 15, building KK37 should have small (not large) center dot.


 KGS 2: The Russian Offboard Observer is at level 1. Also note KGS 4.2. For the purposes of concealment, the Germans set up as if the Russians are entering from offboard.

 KGS 8: Top set of German forces, in the set up instructions it should read «on/west of hexrow HH and IN/North of the gully»

 KGS9: In SSR 1 delete the sentence regarding wooden rubble placement.

 KGS 12: In the first Russian OB listing the set up should read "....perimeter....II18-II33-OO33-OO37-TT37-TT18-II18 [EXC: set up in JJ33 is NA]."

 KGS 12 : In SSR 1. Change "CG19" to read "CG5".

 KGS13, German card, in the FB and Glider Group have it read ".....(see SSRs 1 & 5):"

 KGS 14: German OB in the [EXC: clause] it should read > = 15, not 15.

 KGS 15: In the Russian set up instructions after «indicated» add « along the east edge. » Thanks to John Stadick for this one...