Where to buy LFT products

LFT products are available directly from our website, but several retailers ship our products as well. If some are missing, please drop us a mail and we will update this page as soon as we can.

The Gamer’s Armory

The Gamer’s Armory is a well known online place to buy ASL stuff. Scott is selling LFT products there since a long time.

Boardwalk @ Okayama

Introducing Japanese historical games in this web-site. :)

- Website

Noble Knight Games

Where out of print is available again :)

- Website

Second Chance Games

Specialists in Historical Board Wargaming, Second Chance Games is located in United Kingdom.

- Website

Más Que Oca

El primer paquete ha salido de Camboya el 20 de julio y normalmente pronto tendreís disponible en Madrid todos los últimos productos del Franc Tireur, es decir los LFT 10, 11 y 12, asi como los FTC del 4 al 6 y nuetros módulos históricos.