Where to buy LFT products

LFT products are available directly from our website, but several retailers ship our products as well. If some are missing, please drop us a mail and we will update this page as soon as we can.

Key’s Game Emporium

In the USA, our good friend and ASL / LFT retailer is here :


Our wholesaler in the USA

Our wholesaler and retailer in the USA, Ritterkrieg !



Agorajeux est une boutique de vente en ligne vous proposant un grand choix des meilleurs jeux de société, jeux de cartes, jeux de rôles, wargames, jeux de plateau, jeux d’ambiance, jeux pour enfants, accessoires, magazines, figurines et bien d’autres produits ludiques !


Gamers HQ

Another LFT retailer in Europe ! Check their site : www.gamers-hq.de

They are located in Berlin.

The Gamer’s Armory

The Gamer’s Armory is a well known online place to buy ASL stuff. Scott is selling LFT products there since a long time.

Boardwalk @ Okayama

Introducing Japanese historical games in this web-site. :)


Noble Knight Games

Where out of print is available again :)


Second Chance Games

Specialists in Historical Board Wargaming, Second Chance Games is located in United Kingdom.


Más Que Oca

Un cordial saludo a toda la peña española!