Here is all the known errata in Le Franc Tireur products. While we try to maintain the quality of our products as high as we can, some error might still slip by.

In the case you find any errata not listed here in our products, please contact us!

Le Franc Tireur # 16

LFT329 Gaining Time at Baliuag :
The scenario card shows a M3A1 tank : it should be the M3 version.

LFT330| Quinauan Point :
The scenario card shows a M3A1 tank : it should be the M3 version.

Le Franc Tireur 15

LFT15 - Errata / Q&A / Clarification (special thanks to Robert Hammond) :

Arid/Desert Terrain rules :
1. Rule AD1.1 AD RULE NOTATION, first sentence - change “AD Terrain is in effect.” to “Arid/Desert rules
are in effect.”
2. Rule AD1.2 CHAPTER F - reword entire rule as follows :
“When AD Terrain rules are in effect, all Chapter B and Chapter F rules are also in effect, except as modified
herein [EXC : Entrenching is as per Chapter F]. If there is a conflict between AD Terrain rules and Chapter B
and/or Chapter F, then AD Terrain rules take precedence.”
3. AD2.11 BOARD LFT3 - Add the following two sentences to the end, “If by SSR ‘La Cañada’ is declared to
be a level 1 hill, the hill Crest Line is determined normally (B10.11). However, currently in VASL, the LOS
rules established will not work if ‘La Cañada’ is declared to be a hill.”
4. Rule AD3.63 OASIS PALM TREES, first sentence - add “Oasis” between “AD” and “Palm”.
About rule AD4.1, the terrain types listed are treated as Woods for Rout determination (A10.51). However, a Trench *is* considered Rally Terrain (A10.61).
5. Rule AD4.4 BUILDINGS, first sentence, fourth line - change “desert colored” to “desert-colored”.

All > signs in the article "Left out in the sun too long" must be read as >=. Sorry about this.

FT274, Bear Valley

1. QUESTION : Does a non-Good Order Yaquis (Native American) qualify for and still receive a -1 Ambush
drm ?
Answer : Yes.
2. QUESTION : Does a Concealed Yaquis (Native American) receive a total of -3 on the Ambush dr (-2
Concealed & -1 Yaquis charactereristic) ?
Answer : Yes.
3. QUESTION : Are the Yaquis (Native Americans) considered Stealthy ?
Answer : No.
4. QUESTION : What happens to a Yaquis (Native Americans) MMC which Battle Hardens ?
Answer : It becomes Fanatic.

FT275, Trust Us

1. SSR 1, first sentence before the exception - reword as follows : “Arid/Desert rules are in effect.”

FT276, "Genghis Khan Lives !"

1. SSR 1, first sentence before the exception - reword as follows : “Arid/Desert rules are in effect.”
2. The " Ude Artillery Screen " group has 4 crews and the " Ude Garrison " group has 2 crews.

FT278, "Toridasu" !

1. in SSR1, delete " Orchards are Palm Trees (G4.)".
2. The Balance is correct ; the scenario is 7.5 turns long
3. The OB Partisan ELR is 2.

FT280, Salvation at the Temple

1. SSR 1, third sentence - reword what is inside the parentheses as follows : “Building overlay X27 has the
following characteristics : The Base Level of the overlay is level 2 and this includes the extensions of the overlay
into the adjoining hexes ; the building is a Factory (B23.74).”

FT281, Pink Hill

1. SSR 2 - delete the first and third sentences.
2. SSR 2, in the exception - delete “Orchards,”.

FT282, Gardens of Heaven

1. Clarification : Overlay RttR E is from “Rivers to the Reich”.

FT284, Vichy Strikes Back

1. QUESTION : In the British Balance, they receive a 6 A-P minefield. Does this Fortification set up using HIP ?
Answer : Yes.

FT285, The Arab Legion

1. SSR 2, first sentence - delete the exception.
2. SSR 2, second sentence - delete.
3. SSR 3, second sentence - add to the end the following : “the AAMG”.

FT287, Operation Scipio

1. QUESTION : What happens on British Turn 4 if there is a German unit **# 3** hexes from every
Concealment Terrain hex on board LFT8 ?
Answer : The British reinforcement 7-0 leader and Phone must either : a) be placed Concealed $ 4 hexes away
from any German unit in non-Concealment Terrain or ; b) wait until Game Turn 5 but must be placed either
using HIP in Concealment Terrain $ 4 hexes from all German units or, if unable to be placed in Concealment
Terrain, must be placed Concealed $ 4 hexes away from any German unit. If unable to be so placed, the 7-0
leader and Phone are eliminated.

FT288, Fondouk Express

1. Clarification : In SSR 1, second sentence, in the exception - change “dirty” to “dirt”.

FT290, "Picking Olives"

1. In the New Zealander OoB, delete the 7-0 and Radio.

FT292, Engineer Hill

1. SSR 2, first through third sentences - reword as follows : “Arid/Desert terrain is in effect as follows : Grain
(AD3.161) is in effect ; all woods/brush hexes are scrub (AD4.3) but the scrub conforms to the woods/brush
outline ; roads exist.”.

FT293, Wild Men from Texas

1. In the Historical Perspective, last sentence - delete the two words “of the”.
2. SSR 2 - reword as follows : “All buildings on board LFT7 are stone rubble ; moreover, this rubble is treated as
Rout, Rally, and Ambush Terrain. All Orchards are Cactus Patch hexes (B14.7). Hammada hexes are Arid
Debris (AD3.4).”

FT326, Vitamin B

1. SSR 1 - Add the following sentence to the end : “All desert-colored hexes on board LFT10 are Soft Sand
2. QUESTION : What is the MF/MP cost to enter woods, brush, or crags in Soft Sand ?
Answer : The MF/MP cost is as per Chapter B in a Temperate hex [EXC : Bypass of woods is treated as if Soft

From the Cellar # 12

FT324 Smashing the Corridor :
SSR4 Clarification : Contrary to Russian Vehicle Note J, T34/85s can make unlimited SD attempts.

FT324 Stumbling Colossus :

SSR 2 : The river is deep with a moderate current heading south [EXC : Hexes E5,E6, F6, R6, S6, S7, DD5, EE5, EE6 on board 4 and hexes N3, M7, M8, L3, K5, J4, I11, J11, J12, K16, D10, D11, E15, B13 on board 6a are treated as shallow stream hexes (B20.42)].

Thanks to John Stadick for this one, plotting the missing J12 shallow stream location.

From the Cellar # 11

FT305 Storming Kutrik

Russian Reinforcements : Enter on Turn 4 on/Adjacent to 70 Y1.
Despite being in April, Orchards are not in season and plowed fields do not exist.

HtH Heroes : Spanish can create up to 20% for facing the Russians, despite being in 1943.

The Green Hell of Inor

Scenarios / CG

  • INOR CG II and CIII : Ignore SSR 5 for the French units setting up in Inor village.
  • FT INOR 1 : On Turn track 4, ignore the German Cross. All the Germans enter on Turn 1. The gun starts the game Towed.
  • FT INOR 2 & 10 : Ignore SSR 3.
  • FT INOR7 Clarification : The German group 2 cannot setup in plowed fields hexes. SSR 4 : 2nd sentence : The rule reference for Bombardment should be CG 5.1 not INOR11. FT -*
    FT INOR 12 : Clarification : Fallen rubbles are ignored for victory conditions


Groupes Francs : In the rules it says : 458 unit (Elite, broken moral 7). It should read broken morale 8, as displayed on the counters. Same for the 248 : use the printed value of their broken

The Algerians : according to the rules, they are "assumed to have a broken side moral one higher than printed". This sentence should be removed, as their correct broken value is 8, as
displayed on the counters.

Rule 3.I :

The control conditions of the following geographical areas are missing. They are mainly used for the first scenario of CG II and III.

 Bois de La Hache : a side controls the "Bois de La Hache" if <= 10 hexes are No man’s land/enemy Controlled.

 Inor – Malandry Woods road : a side controls it if no Road or adjacent hexes are enemy Controlled.

 Inor – Mouzon road : a side controls it if no Road or adjacent hexes are enemy Controlled.

 Village of Inor : a side controls it if <= 5 buildings hexes are no man’s land/enemy Controlled.

Le Franc Tireur 14

LFT 227 "Damsels in Distress"
Add after Italian set up :
"(EXC : ≤ 2 HS must set-up as Guards with the Schoolgirls)"

LFT 225 "Blue Hell at P.A. Abries"
We forgot to add the following instruction before the Italian OB set up :
set up north/east of 24A5-24I8-24N6-24Q7-24T4- 24T3-24Y2-24Y-41I1-41I10 in the following areas A-D etc... Sorry about that !

LFT 246 "Gladium Pro Patria e Rege"
Victory Conditions should read as follows :
The Germans win at Game End if they have amassed >= 12 VP (including >= 5 VP of infantry ; Prisoners are NA ; AFVs without functioning MA do not count) on / between vY1 - v GG5, provided there is no Mobile Italian fully-tracked AFV with funtioning MA in LOS and within 6 hexes of the German set up area.

Nor’Easter pack II

It looks like some NP2 mapboard buildings have been printed a bit darker than expected, and they appear to be like Stone Buildings.

Unless otherwise stated by SSR, all the buildings of board NP2 are Wooden Buildings.

YASL19 Indirect Panther :

The AL directing OBA does not prevent the Panther from firing it’s MA and MG’s in that Player Turn. However, the special characteristics for the AL described in Battle Order D cannot be used if the AL is directing OBA in that Player Turn.

The Fight for Seoul

Seoul rulebook

  • At S3.3 after "...>= level 2" add "[EXC : NA if the road is paved].
  • At 16.3 the 13th line should read "<=" not " ?".
  • At 16.612 ... second line from the bottom .. "E.7442" .. should read "E7.422".

Smith’s Ridge rulebook

  • On page 8, the broken KPA 4-4-7 should have a broken side ML of 7.
  • At 13.3 TACP, 13th line, should read "<=" not ">=".
  • At 13.5, in condition "a" that should read <= 3, not >= 3."
  • At 13.612...second line from the bottom .. "E.7442" .. should read "E7.422".
  • Smith’s Ridge Terrain Chart Errata : RR Tunnel in the Misc. Col. that should read "Immune..."

Q & A

  • Q : Page 7 of the Campaign Games Rules : UN Assault Scenario Victory for CGII, The wording seems to indicate that once the UN controls any of the listed buildings they win the scenario. Should it be similar to KPA victory (more roadblocks controlled then at start or control of one of the listed buildings that was uncontrolled at start) ?
    A : It is the dreaded nature of “and/or” in ASL. It is Control more roadblocks than they started the date with AND any of the following buildings....
  • Q : Page 15 of the Campaign Games Rules : 11.609 Extinguishing Blazes Looks like burning woods has been missed. My assumption is that woods should be included in 11.6092 Brush, Orchard, Wooden Rubble and turned into shellholes
    A : Correct, add Woods before Brush in the title.
  • Q : Page 20 of the Campaign Games Rules : 11.6161 Historical DRM ChartThis section states "... and inversely to adjust the maximum number of Infantry Companies a side may purchase per CG Day (11.6195)." There is no reference in 11.6195 to maximum number of Infantry Companies there was in RB rules. Was the intention that No limits Example both sides are limited only by the CG Max and CPP points RB style limits - 2 companies + Reverse of Historical DRM Example Marines can purchase 2 companies on 25PM and the KPA can purchase 4 companies on the 25NSome other option (2 companies max or 1 company per zone)
    A : See if I am reading you correctly here, we might be crossed wired for a second. The max is listed on the RG card, FfS 11.6195 notes this as where to look. The intention is as you phrased it “limited only by CG Max and CPP points.”
    Clarification : For purposes of VT, an Overpass is treated as a Culvert."


  • Scenario S2 : SSR 5 add as the last sentence : "The +1 MP of E1.52 is NA on the convoy’s turn of entry."
  • Scenario S6 : the USMC set up should read " LL43-..." vs "LL44-...".
  • Scenario SmR1 : shows aircraft with rockets, yet no SSR to confirm such as per rule SmR 13.61. Which is correct the counter art or the lack of SSR ? The artwork is correct. Add "The UN receives Rocket equipped aircraft (SmR 13.61) in both waves" to SSR 4.
  • Scenario SmR2 : shows one aircraft with rockets, yet no SSR to confirm such as per rule SmR 13.61. Which is correct the counter art or the lack of SSR ? The artwork is correct. Add "The UN receives one Rocket equipped aircraft (SmR 13.61) in Flight 2" to SSR 5.
  • Scenario SmR3 : in the KPA OB, the "Reinforcements," entry instructions should read "....edge(s), as concealed units, not cloaking, the assigned " ?" are for dummies.
     SSR 3 should read : All USMC MMC (and any SW/SMC stacked with them) may set up in 1-Squad
  • Scenario SmR4 : in the KPA set up add the following : "and not on Hill 104" after "per HDP".
  • Scenario SmR11 : shows aircraft with rockets, yet no SSR to confirm such as per rule SmR 13.61. Which is correct the counter art or the lack of SSR ? The artwork is correct. Add "The UN receives Rocket equipped aircraft (SmR 13.61)" to SSR 3.

From the Cellar pack # 9

FT259 - Alcazar !
Last sentence of SSR1 should read : "Rouads exist between 12I2-B5 included and 44C6-I9".

FT271 - The Lock of Colmar
The playing area on board 81 is between K and GG not G - GG as written on the scenario card.

FT273 - Former Foes
 SSR 2 : Captured penalties apply.
 SSR 4 : the Sniper counter does not move.

From the Cellar pack 4 (out of print)

1. In HSR #13.4: Change rule “(A25.8)” unto “(A25.86)”.
2. Scenario FT117: Chinese OB - On some, but not all, of the scenarios cards for this scenario the SW picture is missing from
two SW. The Chinese receive two Chinese-colored MMG(r) and three Chinese-colored LMG(r).
3. Scenario FT118: Red Russian set up instructions - Change “1 hex” unto “2 hexes”.
4. Scenario FT119: SSR 5, last sentence, add to the end: “and rule #.1 does not apply to them”.
5. Scenario FT120: American OB, change “Elements of B Company” unto “Elements of M Company” and change “Flanking
elements of B Company” unto “Flanking elements of H Company”.
6. Scenario FT121 : BALANCE (American) - Change “second” unto “first”.
7. Scenario FT125: SSR 7, change “J2” unto “J3”.
8. Scenario FT126: In the Historical Perspective, change “Maritime” unto “Khabarovsk”.
9. Scenario FT127: In SSR 5, in the exception, change “terrain” unto “Terrain”.
10. Scenario FT129: In the Historical Perspective, delete “Maritime Province,”.

1. Scenario FT130: QUESTION: May Mongolian HIP set up outside the set up area given to the Mongolian OB?

1. Under HSR #. Russian Civil War Equipment, .11 MG: In the first line, delete the space between “MM” and “G”.
2. Under HSR #10.31: In the second line, delete the space between “4-3-7” and “/”.
3. Scenario FT116: SSR 3, first sentence, change: “#SF.1” unto “#.1”.
4. Scenario FT118: SSR 2, first sentence, change: “(#SF5)” unto “(#5.)”.
5. Scenario FT120: SSR 4, last sentence, change: “#SF12.3” unto “#12.3”.
6. Scenario FT122: SSR 2, fourth sentence, change: “(#SF5)” unto “(#5.)”.
7. Scenario FT124: a) SSR 5, first sentence, change: “(#SF6)” unto “(#6.)”.
b) SSR 6, last sentence, change: “(#SF8.3)” unto “(#8.3)”.
8. Scenario FT125: SSR 6, second sentence, change: “#SF1.2” unto “#1.2”.
9. Scenario FT126: SSR 4, third sentence, change: “(#SF5)” unto “(#5 .)”.
10. Scenario FT127: a) SSR l, last sentence, change: “(#SF10.2)” unto “(#10.2)”; “(#SF10.3)” unto “(#10.3)”; and
“(#SF10.1)” unto “(#10.1)”.
b) SSR 4, fifth sentence, change “GIRR” unto “GLRR”.
c) SSR 6, second sentence, change: “SF#10.2” unto “#10.2”.
11. Scenario FT129: SSR 2, last sentence, change: “(#SF8.3)” unto “(#8.3)”.
12. Scenario FT130: a) SSR 3, first sentence, change to: “All Mongolians have an ELR of 2 [EXC: #9.2 is NA]”.
b) SSR 4, change: “(#SF8.2)” unto “(#8.2)”.
13. Scenario FT132: a) In some, but not all, of the scenario cards for this scenario the red ink was misapplied.
b) SSR 4, second sentence, change: “(#SF8.2)” unto “(#8.2)”.
14. Scenario FT133: a) In some, but not all, of the scenario cards for this scenario the red ink was misapplied.
b) SSR l, sixth sentence, delete the space between “(B” and “16.7)”.
c) SSR 2, last sentence, change: “(#SF8.2)” unto “(#8.2)”.
15. Scenario FT134: a) In SSR 4, second sentence, change: “(#SF8.2)” unto “(#8.2)”.
b) In SSR 4, last sentence, change: “(#SF8.3)” unto “(#8.3)”.
16. Scenario FT135: a) In some, but not all, of the scenario cards for this scenario the green ink was misapplied.
b) SSR 4, last sentence, change: “(#SF8.2)” unto “(#8.2)”.

KGS players guide

Regarding KGS20 - Behle’s Tally

1) The south edge is the map angle at about 45 degrees. The southern most

2) Correct " ?" below T-34

3) That should read "....counters in each of four different...." Delete the

From the Cellar pack 6

FT 169:

The reference to SSR 3 should be ignored.

From the Cellar pack 8

FT209 "Euphrates Clash" : for the Bedouin reinforcements, it says that they must all enter mounted. The SSR should have said "mounted if possible".

Page 51, 2nd table, Lun4 OB additions with American margin results : the sentence "remove the SdKfz 231 from the at start German OB" should be changed to "remove the SdKfz 232 from the at start German OB".

Page 51, Lun3 outcome, American margin, Lun4 additions : the "M8 GMC" is in fact a "M8 HMC", US note 43.

From the Cellar pack 8

In scenario FT209 Euphrates Clash : for the Bedouin reinforcements, the SSR should have read "mounted if possible".

In scenario FT219 Koniev’s Finest :

  • the entry zone for the German should read "on/between tW10 and tGG2"
  • the SU-76 and M3A1(a) are OT
  • the PzJg Tiger has wrong MG factors on the counter. Correct values should read : "3/-", as shown below :

Page 51, 2nd table, Lun4 OB additions with American margin results : the sentence "remove the SdKfz 231 from the at start German OB" should be changed to "remove the SdKfz 232 from the at start German OB".

Page 51, Lun3 outcomes, American margin, Lun4 additions : the "M8 GMC" is in fact a "M8 HMC" US note 43.

Deluxe pack # 1

Apologies, there is an error with the OOB for FT 202. There should have been 6, not 3, Japanese 3-3-6 squads.

In FT 203 (Hara Kiri Gulch), setup instructions for the US should read "set up on board (d6) on or west of hexrow C and/or on board (d2) on or west of hexrow M"

In FT 204 (Fear Naught), the factors of the A13 MkII are wrong. The A13 MkII should have red 16 MP and armor factors of 3/2.

From the Cellar pack 5

ASL Scenario FT 149 "Tombés pour la France":

On the Scenario card for the French Order of battle it shows a blank space that has a red (4) underneath the blank space. These are 4 Roadblocks.

FT153 "Nailed To The Ground"
Add LFT SSR for the Blue Division units: Spanish units have a -2 drm on the Leader Creation Table and a -1 DRM on the Heat of Battle Table.

ASL Scenario FT 159 "Tangled at Tsangkou":
In the VC, replace "Red Chinese MMC" with "Red Chinese non HIP / non Crew MMC". This is not really an errata, just a precision in order to avoid some sleazy move.

ASL Scenario FT156 Leonov’s Hill
Precision to SSR3: the Russians may Set their DC using HIP.

In SSR6, the German has to designate "prior to play" which forces will enter. Prior to play means "Before Game Turn 1".

From the Cellar pack 7

Our apologies... "A Belgian Hero" has been replaced with "Dover Bunker" so don’t be surprised when reading Lionel’s interview included within. This scenario will be published a bit later :)

An errata also for the British set up instructions in this scenario. They should read as follows :

"Setup South/West GG21-GG25-II24-NN24- NN29"

LFT172 : Clearing the LZ
Add a US 1/2 turn to scenario length.

LFT174 : Green berets
in the VC, add :
 The Britishs earn 1 VP for each Good order squad equivalent (FRD) North of the road 20 Y1 - 20 Y10 at game end.

Add 1 x 236 hs and 2 x ? to German group A

Le Franc Tireur 13 (Out of Print)

FT 195 "Repair shop at Dangeul castle"

The North is not to the top of the sheet, but to its left, i.e. the US enter the board from the wide edge of board X.

Le Franc Tireur 12 (Out of Print)

FT 145 historical blurb:

Following the victory of People’s Liberation Army on the mainland, the GMD started to withdraw to Taiwan. However, they still occupied the island bordering the mainland in the Straights of Shanghai. On October 25th 1949, the People’s Republic of China launched its troops against the island in the straights, as a first step towards the conquest of the island and eventually of Taiwan itself.

2 errors have been found in the Banzai charge example:

1. The 50mm MTR WP should be dispersed.
2. The wounded hero should be pinned as had spent >3MF on receiving the wound.

Thanks to Aaron Cleavin, from Sidney (AUS) for these ones... and apologies to you all.

Kampfgruppe Scherer: the Shield of Cholm


 KGS CG21.1 This rule, which is found below KGS CG22, belongs above the latter rule reference.

 KGS.24. The reference should be to II57/JJ57 not CC43-44.

 Fair-Weather roads would be Q45-Q58, HH56 - LL58, T12 and all of its branches up to Q7, T8, S9, U10; AA3-Z0, HH3-HH0, QQ5-TT3.

 Also, some of those road hexes have both fair-weather and normal road depictions ex: AA3, HH3. These are Fair-Weather Roads.

 KGS4.51. Clarification: any prisoners of Russian units which rout off map share the fate of their guards.

 KGS4.82. In the second EX, delete the reference to Block 36, replace with Block 39.

Counters: None at this time

Maps/Overlay: None at this time

Player Aides:

 The blow up of the GPU on the back of KGS 15, building KK37 should have small (not large) center dot.


 KGS 2: The Russian Offboard Observer is at level 1. Also note KGS 4.2. For the purposes of concealment, the Germans set up as if the Russians are entering from offboard.

 KGS 8: Top set of German forces, in the set up instructions it should read «on/west of hexrow HH and IN/North of the gully»

 KGS9: In SSR 1 delete the sentence regarding wooden rubble placement.

 KGS 12: In the first Russian OB listing the set up should read "....perimeter....II18-II33-OO33-OO37-TT37-TT18-II18 [EXC: set up in JJ33 is NA]."

 KGS 12 : In SSR 1. Change "CG19" to read "CG5".

 KGS13, German card, in the FB and Glider Group have it read ".....(see SSRs 1 & 5):"

 KGS 14: German OB in the [EXC: clause] it should read > = 15, not 15.

 KGS 15: In the Russian set up instructions after «indicated» add « along the east edge. » Thanks to John Stadick for this one...

Le Franc Tireur 11 (out of print)

LFT 1 Map precision:

In order to avoid the map to be damaged during transport, we printed it with about 5 extra milimiters on several edges so that everyone should cut this extra paper in order to have a regular sized mapboard.

Scenario FT 90:

The blank counter in the French OB should be filled with a French HMG (6-12). i.e, the French has two HMG in his OB.

Le Franc Tireur 10 (out of print)

FT 80 "One Spanish Hero"
SSR 6 clarification; if more than 1 MMC have to pass a MC, make a Random Selection. If same drs are rolled, only 1 MMC (Spanish player choice) becomes Berserk.

FT 81 "Dubrovka"
SSR2: "Place Overlays Wd5 in 48L2-M2 and Wd4 in 48G6-G7".

FT 83 "Go on to Kolpino"
Board configuration picture is ok, the text below is wrong and should read "Only hexrows A-P are playable on both boards"

FT 88 "DER Untergang"
VC: add "at game end"

FT153 "Nailed To The Ground"
Add LFT SSR for the Blue Division units: Spanish units have a -2 drm on the Leader Creation Table and a -1 DRM on the Heat of Battle Table.

Aachen campaign
Here are some questions which arose after the release of our latest issue about the Aachen LFT # 10 Campaign Game:

1 - In the text it says that the Americans have 175 CPP throughout the campaign but if you total up the columns of the chart you get 170 CPP.

The correct total is 175 CPP, and these 5 extra CPP have to be added to scenario 4 American CPP total (from 50 to 55).

2 - If the US buys the HW section and trades the 3 x 60mm mtrs for the radio, the Americans forfeit the half squads in the HW section.

3 - The American player may roll on the gyrostabilizer chart to see if purchased American AFV’s (those that are gyro capable) come with a gyrostabilizer. Roll individually for each AFV.

4 - The C2 US reinforcement groups (Medium Tanks) shows a maximum of "2" for one of the scenarios, but a maximum for the campaign as "1". The maximum for the Campaign should read "2".

PF : A precision brought by Chris Brackney, aka VolgaG68 who wisely asked about PF and ATMM avaiblity for Spaniards. Here is the answer:

 not available in 1943 (by the time the Division was retired and sent back to Spain).
 Available in 1944 and 1945 as if Germans (whether Whermacht or Spanish SS units).

ATMM: inherent in Spanish Squad/HS from June 44+.

Thank you to our readers for those questions, and sorry for the inconvenience they might have brought to your games.

Le Franc Tireur 9

Due to the problems during FT9 development, I had been compelled to do the lay out and several other things with no tools for that, and apologize for these bad printings.

Here are the first errata, hoping that there won’t be anymore. Some scenario cards are not readable, so here is the necessary information to play this couple of scenarios giving problems. Once again, we apologize and promise you that next time we will stop using the glossy paper…

FT 60

Remove a 227 in the Croatian OB and add 2 x LMG to the Partisan OB (i.e. the Croatian has 2 Crews and the Partisan 4 x LMG). Thanks to Matt Cicero for this one & some others below!).

FT 61

Add a 228 in the Cossack OB (so that they have 2 x 228 Crews).

  • SSR 4:
    SSR 4 : All 5-4-8 / 2-3-8 are Cossacks. They have an underlined Morale [A 19.132 is NA] and are treated as Russians for Heat of Battle/Leader creation/deployment only. They do not possess Infantry Smoke Grenades nor Panzerfausts and use German MGs with no penalty. To form a multilocation firegroup with Cossack units and non Cossack units, a Leader must be present in each location of this FG.

FT 63

  • Partisan OB: Partisan OB: Rearguard Elements of the 7th Proletarian Division [ELR : 5] set up on / East of hexrow F {SAN: 4}
  • German OB: 7th SS Gebirgs Div. Prinz Eugen, II/1 8th Kompanie [ELR: 5] enter on / after turn 1 by the West Edge. {SAN: 2}

FT 66

  • German OB: Marine Troops of the Solta Garrison [ELR: 3 - See also SSR 4] set up anywhere on board 46. {SAN: 3}
  • Allied OB: Unit B 2671st Special Reconnaissance Battalion [ELR: 3] set up on board 18 on / South of hexrow 7. {SAN: 2}

FT 67

In Axis OB, replace "see SSR 2 and SSR 3" with "see SSR 2 and SSR 4".

In Partisan OB partisan, replace "see SSR 4 and SSR 5" with "see SSR 3 and SSR 4"

Thanks to "Doctor No" :-)

Saint-Nazaire 1942, operation Chariot (Out of Print)


 StN2: In the last line, change “(A12.13)†unto “(A21.13)†.

 StN8.1: add to end of the rule: “A K/# result from a Placed DC (or the Campbeltown’s DC) will damage the Caisson. 8VP are awarded for each damaged Caisson (see also StN27.31). A damaged Caisson can only be destroyed by a KIA result.†Chart StN 27.2 shows the correct Damage value for a Caisson.

 StN20: Add to the end of the ninth line: “which can be placed in any hex of that Vessels Groupâ€

 StN23.1:In the last line, add “remaining†between “DP†and “may†.

 StN24 & HSR2: Delete “(and target’s hexes)†.

 StN25.33. Add “and +2 if StN25.21 applies†after “status countersâ€

 StN26.5: Delete first use of next in line 1. Add to the end, “The Campbeltown becomes scuttled if she sinks after ramming the Caisson.â€

 StN26.6 Add “beginning†between "friendly Prep Fire Phase" and "in the turn" (i.e., should read: ". . . friendly Prep Fire Phase beginning in the turn after after the Campbeltown’s scuttling DR . . .")

 M3.1 The reference to "Naval-Crews" in M3.1 is erroneous and these words should be deleted.

 M3.21, in the second sentence, delete “by a non-Japanese squad†and delete the third sentence.

 M4: At the end of the second sentence, add: “[EXC: E1.52 is NA, see M11.5]†.

 M4.12: At the end of the second sentence, add: “; moreover, this one hexspine change may only be conducted when the MGB spends MP to enter a hex†. The counter art picture and the counters refer to rule “M4.03†which is incorrect. The referenced rule should be “M4.12†.

 M4.13: Should read Reverse Motion not Reverse Movement., the counter should read M4.13

 M4.16: At the end, delete: “(E1.91)†.

 M4.3: At the end of the third sentence, add: “and is considered a motorized vehicle for Starshell Initial Use (E1.91)†.

 M5.3 should be changed to read "If the Crew of a MGB Abandons their MGB..."

 M5.4: line 13 delete “A†replace with “Eachâ€

 M7.5: in the first sentence, add “and only†between “gets†and “when†. Delete the second sentence.

 M15.32: In the fourth line, delete: “card†.

Chapter H

 Allied/Axis Minors #1: The AAMGs are scrournged as LMGs. The counter is correct.

 British #14. The Twin Vickers .50cals cannot be scrounged.

 German #1: What is the Normal Range for the 7FP AAMG?. A: 8.

 Italian #2: What is the Normal Range for the 6FP AAMG? A: 8.

 Japanese #1: Is the Normal Range for the 8FP bMA/aMA 14 hexes (same as for Japanese #2 8FP aMA)? A: Yes and Yes.

 Russian #4: The graphic does not match the text—the text says the aMA is not supposed to be able to fire through the VCA, but the graphic shows it as not firing through the RVCA. A: The aqua colored graphic arc should look like the purple graphic but reversed (flipped over end).

 US #2: The intro text says "This version was armed with two 18" torpedo tubes . . ." but the MA description says "The MA is four torpedoes as signified by ’MA: TPx4’", and the counter also shows TPx4. The text and counter should refer to only TPx 2.

Player’s aides & Charts/Tables

 StN19.2 StN Gun/Searchlight Defense Table: FF43 and FF44 should read FF45 and FF46 respectively.

 On HMS Campbellton player’s Aid #1, there should be only one CS number and that number is 8. Thanks to Rob MacDonald for pointing it out :)


Q: What level are the Le Pointeau and Searchlight on?

A: Level 0

Q: Does an StN DC attack any unit present in the target loaction as

A: Yes

Le Franc Tireur 8

FT 47

Germans set up on Board 48, the German SAN is 4 and the balance provisions reads as follow:

  • Allied: In the VC, read 16 instead of 19
  • Axis: In the German OB, upgrade two 467 to 468.

Le Franc Tireur 7

FT 28 - First Annoyance

  • In SSR1, add "and overlay FT-Sh2 in S5-T4".

FT 32 - Lenin’s sons

  • Map: instead of only hexrows D-U are playable, read hexrows D-Z
  • Add a LMG and DC to the German OB. After adjustment, they should have 2 LMG & 2 DC.

In the second LFT 7 edition, these erratas are already corrected.

FT 34 - Borodino Train Station

  • Le nord est mal orienté; en fait, par rapport à la carte le Nord est en bas.

Le Franc Tireur 6

FT 24 - Cuando te vas

In the VC, hexrows are included.