LFT Rat Pocket Charts v3 (SOLD OUT)

The latest version of the Rat Pocket Charts, with 52 pages and more, more tables and charts than ever. 15 tabs and 3 RPC v3 to choose from:

  • 1 standard item
  • 1 laminated cover item
  • 1 with laminated cover, plus IIFT and TH / TK laminated as well.


52 pages with all the necessary charts to play : IFT or IIFT, OBA & OVR flowchart, night, PTO, National capabilities, and so on, fully illustrated by our memoryless Artist :-)

Here are the main additions / changes compared to previous versions :

  • there are 3 versions of the charts, so that people may order the one they prefer (with or without lamination)
  • the TH & TK tables have been moved on page 4 & 5
  • the national capabilities charts have been expanded (including LFT 14 Italians, Spanish Blue DIvision, updated French for a future LFT module & Korea War)
  • updated chapter B
  • Bombardment table
  • Naval OBA
  • Stun/ STUN/Shock/UK tables
  • Weather charts
  • LC charts
  • Chapter W with Korean specific charts

There are some more things, but too long to display here :)

It will be available within a couple of weeks, around June 15th 2020.

For those who want to order it, you can already click on the order button(s) and / or send me an email with your shipping address at : xavier_vitry@yahoo.fr.