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JagerSoft Games LLC is a company established in 2014 with the purpose of developing, producing and marketing board games of all types. The impetus for JagerSoft Games was the publication of the first issue of the St Louis ASL Club’s Historic Magazine. This magazine has been in the works for a number of years and has been released in July 2015.

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The lost theater (Out of Stock)

This full color magazine contains 60 pages of articles on various subjects, ranging from an intro to the CBI theater of 1942, Japanese tanks and tank tactics, airpower, AAR’s/designer notes on the scenarios, and much more stuff. Included is 12 STL geo-board scenarios, 3 scenarios to play on the 22×28 historic map, and a mini-campaign game of 3 linked scenarios, also played on the historical map.

12 Scenarios Included !

STL1 You Scratch My Back

Poyinmana, Burma April 4, 1942. The Allied field surgical hospital, located just behind the front line is about to be overrun by the Japanese until the Chinese send in truckloads of reinforcements to slow the Japanese advance. The trucks are strafed by enemy aircraft as the reinforcements move into position. Will the Chinese be able to hold up the Japanese long enough for the field hospital to evacuate ?

STL2 Nothing Ventured

Bopykin, Burma January 17, 1942. The Japanese had just crossed into Burma, taking airfields in the southern tip of the Tenasserim Peninsula encountering virtually no opposition. A particularly stout commander of a detachment of Burma Frontier Force soldiers, Major Stewart Love, leads a counter attack against the Japanese and attempts to recapture the village of Bopykin. The men were inspired by his gallantry and attacked with fervor until Major Love is killed and the attack loses its momentum. Can the Frontier Force soldiers recapture the village with their commander ?

STL3 It Isn’t Over

Myawadi, Burma January 20, 1942. The Japanese launch their main offensive from Thailand, expecting light resistance such as they encountered in the Tenasserim Peninsula. Today, the Japanese encounter an entirely different enemy, the 1/7th Gurkhas. The Japanese attack the entrenched Gurkhas without using artillery to softening the position first. Using strict fire discipline, the Gurkhas hold off the Japanese, but outnumbered five to one, soon find themselves surrounded. Can the Japanese route the Gurkhas and capture the village ?

STL4 Don’t Count Your Chickens

Myawadi, Burma January 20, 1942. D-Company of the 1/7th Gurkhas are surrounded by the Japanese. The company commander makes one last call to battalion headquarters “They’re all round us, am now going in with bayonets, grenades, kukris and the kitchen stove.†Sounds of fighting in the direction of D-Company fade and the company is thought to be lost. Can the Gurkhas of D-Company escape the encirclement ?

STL5 Put That in Your Pipe

Near Moulmein, Burma January 30, 1942. A Sikh detachment of the 8th Burma Rifles is moving down the road toward a suspected Japanese position when they see four British Lorries loaded with reinforcements headed their direction. The Sikhs start waving at the welcome reinforcements. The trucks, captured by the Japanese, are full of Japanese soldiers attempting to infiltrate into Moulmein. A Sikh light machine gunner recognizes the troops as Japanese and opens fire on them. Will the Sikhs react quickly enough to keep the Japanese from getting into Moulmein ?

STL6 A Rising Tide

Moulmein, Burma January 30, 1942. The Japanese 112th Regiment’s assault on Moulmein has forced the defensive perimeter to pull back to the ridge overlooking the city. The Japanese start to push their way up the ridge when the encounter the 4/12th Frontier Force Rifles supported by 94mm guns of the 12th Mountain Battery. The Japanese attack in wave after wave but are unable to break the defenders position. Will the defense of Moulmein hold or will the Japanese break through ?

STL7 Take a Long Walk

Paung, Burma February 9, 1942. The Japanese have captured Moulmein and are starting to cross the Salween River. Across the river from Moulmein is the city of Martaban holding the 3/7th Gurkhas and a company of the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. A detachment of Japanese form a roadblock on the road leading north out of Martaban. As the Gurkhas and KOYLI attempt to evacuate Martaban, they discover the Japanese roadblock obstructing their path. They lose two armored cars on their first attempt to clear the roadblock. Can the Japanese maintain their roadblock intact or will the Commonwealth manage to clear it ?

STL8 If Wishes Were Horses

Kuziek, Burma, February 12, 1942. The Japanese 33rd Division has started crossing the Salween River 25 miles north of Moulmein. The 7/10th Baluchis aware of them crossing have set up a defense around a saucer-shaped paddy field near the village of Kuziek on the bank of the river and prepare for the inevitable attack. Shortly after midnight, 2nd Battalion of the 214th Regiment launch a night attack from all directions against the awaiting Baluchis. The well entrenched Baluchis stave off the initial Banzai attack forcing the Japanese change their tactics and start using short rushes covered by machine gun fire. The battle lasts throughout the night. Will the Baluchis be able to survive until morning ?

STL9 You Can’t Have Your Cake

Bilin Village, Burma February 17, 1942. Two divisions of Japanese have pushed the 17th Indian Division back to the Bilin River. All of the 17th Division except the 5/17th Dogras are establishing defensive positions on the west side of the river while the Dogras have been assigned to take a positon on the exposed east side of the river. They are to cover the road leading to the bridge over the Bilin River on high ground astride the road. As pressure from the Japanese 33rd Division increases, the Dogras are ordered to abandon their position and move to the west side of the river. They begin their withdrawl only to find the road to the bridge blocked by the Japanese and the more Japanese converging on them from the east. Will the Dogras find a way across the Bilin River ahead of the Japanese ?

STL10 Revenge is a Dish

Kuziek, Burma, February 12, 1942. The Japanese, known for their brutal treatment of prisoners, captures a patrol from B-Company of the 1st Cameronians. The men are stripped naked, tied to trees and used for bayonet practice. Later that day, the rest of B-Company discovers their bodies, still tied to the trees. A local Burmese man informs the enraged Cameronians that the Japanese responsible are in a nearby village with a group of Burmese collaborators. They head to the village hell bent on revenge. Will the Cameronians be able to extract retribution from Japanese and the traitorous Burmese ?

STL11 Here’s Your Hat

Pegu, Burma March 6, 1942. The 7th Armored Brigade have joined the battle in Burma. They have been ordered to launch a counter offensive against the Japanese. In the early morning, hours, tanks of the 7th Hussars slowly advance down the road in a heavy fog. They are ambushed by Japanese antitank gun fire knocking out one tank and immobilizing another. After the fogs lifts, later that day, more tanks of the 7th Hussars, supported by infantry from the 1st West Yorkshires, attack the Japanese position. The Japanese of the 143rd Regiment attempt to halt the advance of the British with machine gun, more antitank gun fire and tanks of their own. Will the Japanese succeed in stopping the British tanks ?

STL12 What Does Not Kill You

Twingon, Bumra March 19, 1942. After the fall of Rangoon, the Commonwealth forces are engaged in a slow fighting withdraw ahead of the Japanese in central Burma. The 1st Burma Division, pulling up the rear, find the road ahead of them blocked by the I/214th of the Japanese 33rd Division. Soon they find they are completely surrounded and without water. Throughout the day they battle the Japanese. General Slim calls on the Chinese 38th Division to rescue the beleaguered 1st Burma Division. Will the Chinese be able to break through the Japanese line and provide an avenue of escape ?