Close Combat pack

Seven of the eight scenarios allow for hand-to-hand close combat and the last scenario, close combat is likely and may include some Italian prisoners. The scenario pack starts with Stalingrad and goes across Europe to the Warsaw Ghetto, the mountains of southern France, the Kuban, Sicily and into the jungle for some PTO action. There are four designers this year including the return of Keven Adams who designed The Brickworks in last years pack. This year he returns to his favorite battlefield...Stalingrad with another design. Two designs come from K. Scott Mullins (a.k.a. Grumble Jones) who puts in a great pair of scenarios including the first of three PTO actions. Paul Works submits a para on para action in Sicily and Dan Best has four scenarios including two PTO battles on Angaur Island. All these scenarios feature close combat as part of the scenario.

The Players Pack

We have 10 scenarios designed by 8 different players for the pack this time. Many of the designers are making their first attempt at scenario design

Full Rulebook ASL Pack

This pack is for those who like scenarios with a little chrome. Not specifically in the form of scenario special rules, but instead for the lesser-used sections of the ASL rulebook. We have rules from Chapter E, F, G and H ; plus, lesser known rules for walking wounded, elevated railroads, interrogation and cavalry and the obligatory night. The scenarios take place in a range of environments, two Pacific theater, two Mediterranean theater and two eastern front. There are three large scenarios and five medium sized. Three would be good scenarios for tournaments.

Three-Player Pack

This pack’s action picks up with three scenarios featuring Partisans, Germans and Soviets. The pack includes a unique two-part scenario by designer Paul Works ; the scenarios can be played separately or in sequence, with rules for both options on the scenario card.

Hollis pack

New for 2017, the Kansas City ASL Club & Encircled Productions proudly announces for sale the ASL March Madness 2017 Hollis Pack. Nine historical scenarios and one non-historical with a map of the Hollis Center where the KC ASL Club meets.

March Madness very Best # 1

Thanks to the Kansas City ASL Club, LFT proudly offers The Very Best of March Madness (Vol.1) containing 15 scenarios from March Madness Limited Editions Packs 2009-2012 (now out of print).

Commissar pack (Out of stock)

Thanks to Dan Best, you can now order from us the latest March Madness pack.

This issue focuses of course on Commissars !

8 meaty scenarios, as written in the designer notes, since the Kansas City Club designs are usually from medium to large in size. Enjoy !