Heat of Battle products

Some Heat of Battle products are now available for European customers from Le Franc-Tireur. Available products and pricing are listed here on the site of Heat of Battle.

Heat of Battle update

HoB Update

Due to customer feedback and demand, the scenarios from HOB Waffen-SS 1 and Waffen-SS 2 scenario packs have been revised and redesigned in some instances. Now for the first time these classics are offered together.

Whether you’ve played them before or have never seen them, these updated scenarios offer a unique gaming experience!

Included in the HoB Update pack:

14 Classic scenarios that have be revised, updated and in some instances redesigned.

Special Forces #1

SF1 - Special Forces

The first installment in a series, which will focus on Special Forces from a variety of Nations, set in World War 2. Special Forces 1 focuses on the British SAS and LRDG exploits against the Germans and Italians in the North African, Mediterranean and European theaters.

Included in the Special Forces 1 pack:

Six tournament-style scenarios - Each scenario card is professionally printed in a TWO-COLOR format on the preferred card stock of ASL players.
Counters representing SAS/LDRG SMC, MMC, Crews and special vehicles allowing you to outfit two LRDG Patrols or an SAS Combat Section.
Applicable Chapter A rules and Chapter H vehicle notes.

Recon by Fire #4

Recon by Fire continues!

The 4th Issue of Recon by Fire is available for order.

Recon by Fire Issue 4 offers:

14 scenarios
Countersheet with 176 counters
Applicable Chapter H
DASL map BF1
DASL Rubble overlays
APC Player Aid v2
Several articles
This issue focuses on the German use of captured Russian vehicles; however, a variety of scenarios are included.