LFT Rat Pocket Charts v3

The latest version of the Rat Pocket Charts, with 52 pages and more, more tables and charts than ever. Laminated cover.

LFT RPC v3 with laminated cover (out of stock)

52 pages with all the necessary charts to play : IFT or IIFT, OBA & OVR flowchart, night, PTO, National capabilities, and so on, fully illustrated by our memoryless Artist :-)

Here are the main additions / changes compared to previous versions :

there are 3 versions of the charts, so that people may order the one they prefer (with or without lamination)
the TH & TK tables have been moved on page 4 & 5
the national capabilities charts have been expanded (including LFT 14 Italians, Spanish Blue DIvision, updated French for a future LFT module & Korea War)
updated chapter B
Bombardment table
Naval OBA
Stun/ STUN/Shock/UK tables
Weather charts
LC charts
Chapter W with Korean specific charts

It will be available within a couple of weeks, late November 2021.