ANZIO 1944

A 7-Scenario Pack dedicated to the members of the American-Canadian First Special Service Force and their actions in the Anzio Beachhead during the early part of 1944. The FSSF remained in combat for 99 days straight without relief, during which it conducted a highly aggressive patrolling strategy that was so effective, the Hermann Göring Division that was in the line across the Mussolini Canal from them, was forced to pull back its front line 1,000 metres and its commander offered a 10-Day furlough to any German who captured one of Die schwarzen Teufel "The Black Devils".

Blitzkrieg in the West

This six-scenario pack revolves around battles of the German invasion of Fortress Holland and is compatible with MMP’s ASLâ„¢ System and modifiable to be used with other miniature Wargaming systems. Blitzkrieg in the West – Northern Campaign uses ASL Boards (2, 3b, 5, 6, 17, 38, 43, 40, 43, 44, 57, 59, 66), ASLSK Boards (q, u, x), and includes 14x 5/8" counters.

Ost Front III

OstFront 3, is the third scenario pack focused on the war on the Eastern Front, during the Germans’ launch of Operation Barbarossa. OstFront 3 features a unique variable Order of Battle with attachments based on historical availability and designed with replayablility in mind.

Base Force + Variable Attachment = Scenario Order of Battle

  • OF 13 Clash of Arms - 7½ turns, 22 June 1941, West of Korbyn, Russia
  • OF 14 Decision at Dubno - 7 turns, 27 June 1941, Dubno, Russia
  • OF 15 Stop that Train - 8 turns, 12 July 1941, Demidov, Russia
  • OF 16 Crossing the Duna - 8 turns, 6 July 1941, West of Vitebsk, Russia
  • OF 17 Murai State Farm - 7½ turns, 24 June 1941, Murai State Farm, near Rossine Russia
  • OF 18 Red Crossroads - 7½ turns, 6 July 1941, Senno Russia

OstFront 3 uses ASL Boards (4,16,18,19,43,57,66), ASLSK Boards (q,t,v,x), and overlays (O4,RR1,RR14,St1,St2,St3,Wd2,Wd5,X17,X23)


A tactical-level game that allows players to experience some of the difficulties faced by local commanders during Operation MARKET-GARDEN, the Allied bid to force a crossing of the Rhine River. In late September 1944, American and British forces set out to seize key bridges and high ground along a 100-kilometre stretch of Highway 69. Hell’s Highway, as this tenuous route came to be known, connected the Allied front line in Belgium with a major bridge over the lower Rhine at Arnhem, in the Netherlands. After five days of furious combat, the route was largely in Allied hands. However, German counterattacks frequently cut the road. One attack occurred on 22 September, in the vicinity of the Dutch village of Mariaheide, midway between Veghel and Uden. Hell’s Highway recreates the 36-hour battle for two kilometres of vital highway centred on the village of Mariaheide.

Ozerekya Breakout

Ozerekya Breakout offers players the unique challenge of fighting a medium-unit action in the Ozerekya River valley, south of the Black Sea town of Glebovka, Russia and is a must-have for any wargame collection.

Purple Heart Draw

Battle of the Hedgerows - Purple Heart Draw offers players the unique challenge of fighting a small-unit action in hedgerow terrain like nothing depicted before and is a must-have for any wargame collection.

Ost Front II

This six-scenario pack revolves around battles involving SOVIET FORCES, during Operation BAGRATION , and is compatible with MMP’s ASLâ„¢ System

Bloody Buron

Bloody Buron, offers players the unique challenge of attacking a prepared defensive position, set up guarding the Norman village of Buron, Northwest of Caen, France ; a must have for any wargame collection.