LFT Scenario Packs

As if a magazine is not enough, Le Franc Tireur also produces From the Cellar scenario packs, which usually feature scenarios that did not make it into the Le Franc Tireur (mostly for timing reasons) but that we liked so much that we wanted to publish them, or which contain scenarios related to a specific topic such as the Russian Revolution (FTC4) or SS scenarios (FTC 3).

From the Cellar # 10

Welcome to “Sand & Snow” a themed HASL issue of From the Cellar, which examines two critical battles that the United States Marine Corps fought in WW2 and in Korea. The two battles (Tarawa and Toktong Pass) that this pack looks at could not be more different in geography, weather and enemy capabilities. As an ASL player you will have to adapt to the changing conditions just as the Marines who participated in these battles had to do.

Nor’Easter pack II

Here is a new product from the new England ASLERs ! This is from the same producers who brought you the YASL pack a few years ago. This time they had LFT produce the pack. It features 3 boards and 15 scenarios.

From the Cellar pack # 9

Dear reader,

When Xavier asked me to write a few lines for the "best of" pack of ASL scenarios published in Vae Victis, I must confess it brought back some fancy memories of playtest sessions with then-editor-in-chief Théophile Monnier. Back then I had played a few games of SL, but no ASL at all, and at the time I preferred SPI over AH ... but we had wonderful games together, which explained why we came up with a game of our own, En Pointe Toujours, combining our preferred aspect of both games.

And now, more than twenty years have gone by ... VV has published its 117th ASL scenario, MMP has just produced the ultimate Stalingrad game and the next Franc Tireur’s "From the Cellar" scenario pack is about to be released. The wargaming world has to reckon with ASL, probably one of the longest-living game systems (more than 30 years), with never-ending new scenarios and situations, offering the most extensive possibilities (roughly from the thirties to the fifties) ... maybe it has grown into a "way of life" ...

So get your 9-1’s and your 6+1’s and roll low !

Nicolas Stratigos

From the Cellar pack 4 (out of print)

20 scenarios and a _VERY_ special topic this time :)

Comes with 4 extra pages with several SSRs and historical notes. All in English of course.

We found out in some obscure location several dozens of countersheets!

Price: 40 euros

From the Cellar pack 6 (Out of Print)

10 short but really furious scenarios!

From the Cellar pack 8

More than a scenario pack, this new product is something between our FTC packs and our regular LFT magazine. Its release is scheduled for this week, November 10th, and it should start shipping NLT November 13th, which means next Monday. It will contain 56 pages and 15 scenarios, and you can already order it through our website or send an email to X, as usual, with your complete details (name, shipping address and what you order).

The subject ? Well, the cover says it all !

From the Cellar pack 5

14 scenarios, 2 articles and the corrected version of map LFT II.

From the Cellar pack 7

Our latest FTC which includes another 10 scenarios, although none as short as in FTC 6. As you can see below, most of them center on late war action on the Western Front :)