Hi everybody!

Very long time has passed since our latest update... Apologies, we’ve been far too busy and the pandemic hasn’t helped. At all...

The Nor’Easter pack II is already out there and we are happy to announce the upcoming release of 2 new products, already displayed in our site since if everything goes as planned, they will be shipping early June.

One from a brand new company, Hazardous Movement:


And the other from us, "From the Cellar" # 10, which will bring you to the sands of Tarawa and the Snow of Korea:


For those of you who’d like to order both items, we will offer a discount so that you get them both for 60 € instead of 65 €; just order both items and we will apply it.

For those who are experiencing problems while trying to log in and order on our site, just drop me an email at: xavier_vitry (at) yahoo (dot) fr

Email me your order without forgetting to write down your shipping address as well, please. Our apologies for the inconvenience....

Roll low :-)